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How to Tour Privately in London?

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If you travel often, you know that some places are worth returning to. In our opinion, London is the kind of place where you need several visits to explore all the wonders of the city. Lucky are those who have the chance to stay for a few months, and everyone else can plan more frequent trips to explore all that is happening around them.

In recent years, private driver chauffeur tours around the city, but also in the surrounding area, have become increasingly popular. In this way, visitors get to know all the specificities of London. Chauffeur services have also gained great popularity, and the proof of this is the excellent experiences of the users of https://www.simber.co.uk/.   

So, to start a private city tour, you need to find the best chauffeur service. If you have an idea where to go, that’s great, but these services can also help you with their suggestions for a more comfortable and organized trip. However, we have some practical tips that will help you organize your time better.

1. Choose a few Favourite Locations

If you choose which are your favourite places to visit, then the chauffeur service will be able to take you from one point to another more easily. How to do that?

Fortunately, there are many online sources and mobile apps available these days. First, choose places where you can walk and see what is on offer. Most often, these are the locations close to the hotel or accommodation.

Then, find a location or attraction you want to see. Explore what’s around so you can cover as many places as possible in one visit. You can even check if anything is interesting to see along the way, for example, a castle, gallery or museum.

Don’t skip the parks and natural resorts or the unique places where you can drink coffee or tea to refresh yourself.

2. Ask for a Plan from the Service you Hire

Although chauffeur services are not travel agencies, they can often help you get organized. All drivers are trained to meet each customer accordingly. That’s why you can ask them for private tour suggestions and know you’re going to get something great.

These drivers are really experienced, which gives a huge advantage when using a private tour service. London is a big city with so many places worth visiting. And believe us, no one knows those places better than the drivers who will give you a wonderful private chauffeur experience that you will always want to return to.

3. Choose your Favourite Vehicle

Chauffeur services always come with a large offer of luxurious and comfortable vehicles. The priority of their service is satisfied customers, who would hire them again when they come to London.

The usual taxi service may not offer you enough speed and comfort. But you will never be disappointed if you hire a private chauffeur service for your London adventure.

You can also travel with Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, but also any luxury car owned by the service. But what you should always do is check the capacity of the vehicles. The smaller cars have a smaller capacity, for no more than three passengers, but are also limited by luggage.

Sometimes you may need to choose a limousine or minibus to accommodate more people. But whatever you choose, comfort is guaranteed.

4. Guide Yourself According to your Desires

The advantage of chauffeur services is that you don’t depend on timetables and schedules, except for the one you set yourself. So you can choose less busy parts of the day to explore London’s attractions.

Of course, research before you hit the road, but you can also trust your favourite chauffeur service. All you have to do is schedule a time and place and show up, as the driver will be there for you.

5. Compare Prices Occasionally

If you don’t compare prices, you may not find the best service for you. Remember, wise people research what transportation options they have long before they go on a trip. So, if you’re planning a long London adventure, we advise you to look at what’s on offer there regarding private chauffeur services.

When you find your favourite service, you will be able to book the desired service. Of course, if you are a regular user of the same service, you will likely receive benefits. Sometimes it would be a discount for the next booking or a free kilometre for even more exploring London’s surroundings and attractions.


If you like the idea of private tours of London and the surrounding area, book your trip as early as possible. Prioritize comfort and safety. This way you save a lot of time and have more options to get to know London. You can use this example wherever you travel in the future.

We are sure that you will always want to return to London and at least once again feel the comfort of such privately organized trips with your own personal chauffeur.

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