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Mazayah Legend Andrews – Plans for 2023 and Beyond

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As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There has been a massive shift in the interest of the new generation. Be it entrepreneurship, music, arts, authorship or dance, the young generation is greatly interested in such areas. Not many youngsters, nevertheless, are serious about pursuing a career. While making their career choice, most of them compromise and go for professions that promise job security and higher pay. But there are some Individuals who are always there to inspire the younger generation to go above and beyond. A very few individuals have the courage to go after their dreams on their own, without having a godfather, despite the path being risky. Such individuals take their time, enjoy their journey, not worrying about the outcome yet want to achieve their goals and paving their way to success. 

Mazayah Legend Andrews is one of those fearless leaders, who started on his own, spent countless days with nothing but a dedicated mindset and a positive approach to turn his dreams into reality. He is not just a successful entrepreneur but an author, musician, athlete, philanthropist and now an emerging TV Star who recently signed a show called ‘Love Don’t Judge’ and that’s not it, he has also signed another show with TLC, called ‘Seeking Sister Wife’. Mazayah and his 3 wives are going to share the secret behind their unmatchable chemistry and how they support each other through thick and thins of life. Love is not always about gifts and lavish dine outs, it’s about being with the person in their ups and downs regardless how difficult the situation could be. Mazayah and his wives have a massive social media following that’s why TLC contacted them to be on their show.

No matter what Mazayah does, he leaves no stone unturned. With his dedication and never ending hunger for success got him a net worth of whopping $6.7 Million. After writing 4 successful books, he is all set to write his 5th book that’s going to be about Poly Relationship as Mazayah is literally known as the modern day love guru because of his successful relationship with his 3 wives. People often message him on social media for tips and he is kind enough to respond to his fans. His ultimate message is to have a clean heart without expecting anything in return but respect. Recently a New York Judge rules in favor of polyamorous relationships and now a lot of people are coming out with their spouses however Mazayah was one of those first people who had the courage to live their lives on their own. Despite being criticized for living with 3 wives, there was never a dull moment or a moment of doubt in his life because he knew, eventually people will understand this and give the respect they deserve.

In 2023, Mazayah is all set to open another store of his well-known brand, ‘Vakarui Paris’ in Altanta, Gerogia. People who like to look different and wish to stand out in the crowd, loves to wear Vakarui Paris because their designs are unique and the fabric is too comfortable. Mazayah has been offered new deals in places with partnering with a few other brands and malls across the country.

Fear is what helps an individual to widen their horizons and explore their true potential. There is definitely no shortcuts, no cheat codes or guarantee for success, yet the satisfaction and joy that comes from within is unmatchable and last forever. Another fearless decision of was to launch his own Record Label called ‘GGR – Ghost Gang Records’ that is all set to sign new artists and especially upcoming women rappers to showcase their talent. In today’s world people are always thinking about themselves but there are a very few individuals like Mazayah Legend Andrews who think about others, not many people know about it but Mazayah is often found doing food giveaways and charities for the needy and that’s why he is one of the most loved influencers on social media in todays time.

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