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The Popular New Vape: Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini Kit

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Today, I’m delving further into the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit which is now available of Vapes Online, a box mod in the Billet design created in association with American YouTuber Tony B. Of course, Vandy Vape is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. The Mesh V2 RDA, Pyro V3 RDTA, Gaur 21 Mod, and the adorable Apollo Kit are just a few of the fantastic kits and atomizers they have given us.

The Pulse AIO is a less expensive alternative to the considerably more costly billet box gadget. This kit is what I would call an interior pod box mod. The package comes with an RBA and a stock coil tank, and the device is also compatible with the majority of Boro tanks. These tanks are quite adaptable, and you can purchase several rebuildable decks and “Bridges,” which are adaptors that let you utilize various stock coils in the tank. Numerous other manufacturers’ products are also widely compatible with this system. A single battery that may deliver up to 80W of output power powers the gadget! Black, Frosted White, Frosted Green, Frosted Black, Frosted Red, and Frosted Blue are the six available colors. Of course, if you want to make your arrangement, you may buy the side panels separately in a different color.

Build and Design Quality.

The kit is beautifully packaged in a card box and comes with a tonne of extras. The entire device is composed of polycarbonate, which makes it quite light yet gives it a robust feel in the hand. The Teflon 510 mouthpiece that comes with the Pulse AIO is honestly not my favorite. No matter how much e-liquid I use to lubricate it, it never seems to sit properly in the tank. The only distinction between the two plastic panel doors is that the front panel contains a hole for the fire button. Both doors are kept in place by magnets.

The Interior of Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini.

A sizable plastic firing button that can be replaced can be found underneath the front panel. The entire device is highly customizable; read on for more information! The tiny OLED screen is bright and clear, measuring only around 14mm by 5mm. The adjusting buttons are located below the screen (again replaceable). Despite being relatively little and made of plastic, they click nicely! A 1-amp USB “Type C” charge port is also included with the device.

Additionally, cutouts on this side make it easier to remove the tank and batteries. If you look underneath the side panel, you can use the provided battery adaptor to use a 18650 battery or a 21700/20700 battery. The 3.7ml RBA tank is already inserted when the item is brand-new. A 5ml stock coil tank that uses the VVC line of coils is also included in the box. The tank may be taken out by simply unscrewing the 510 nuts. For people who might like to use Boro tanks in the device, the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini offers an adjustable 510 screw underneath the tank. The device’s bottom has been molded with typical safety markings. Strangely, the mod’s exterior has no other indications identifying it as a Vandy Vape device.


The screen panels, button surrounds, and replacement buttons in Tony’s version allow for customization. Each of these is offered separately. Even the screws can be changed!

The design also includes ports for the battery and tank on this side, which is a lovely touch. This enables you to see your juice level from this side and is useful if you need to push the battery out from behind (it doesn’t additionally call for a battery ribbon). With the Black edition, where there is no way to view juice levels without removing a panel, this is extremely useful.

The drip tip that comes with it has a groove on the inside to cover the entire thread, partially negating this. But I don’t like the drip tip. It simply sticks out too much because it is too short, thick, and white on all of the devices. Additionally, it required some lubrication to fit properly because it was pretty tight out of the box.

On the front of the Pulse AIO, the airflow holes are located exactly where a Billet Box would be. Although they have rather sizable ventilation openings, the tank you utilize inside will also have a role in how open the draw is. The 510 pin is the Pulse AIO’s final cute little design decision. They decided to make it a flat-head screwdriver adjustable. So you may easily adjust it if your Boro tank fits snugly or loosely.

It would be an understatement to say that the Billet Box served as inspiration for the design of the Pulse AIO. Overall, though, the small design upgrades are beautifully executed. It can be powered by 21700 batteries, and although being made of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap.


It has operated flawlessly, starting with the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO mod itself. It’s simple to operate, and even though I mostly use it in Wattage mode, I gave Temp Control (with an SS coil) a try, and it worked great. The Pulse AIO’s Vandy Vape chipset is easy to use and contains all the functionality that most people would want in an AIO of this kind. It appeared to be battery-efficient as well, but the 21700 battery inside offers sufficient battery life in any case.

The tank from the Vessel Pre-Built was effective. Both the 0.3 and 0.6 mesh coils provide respectable vapor and pleasant flavor. The airflow control is effective, and both coils produced smooth airflow, with the 0.3-ohm coil producing a more open pull. Although I wouldn’t compare the performance of these VVC coils to mesh coils from sub-ohm tanks, they function admirably for anything that comes with the kit. The RBA tank or utilizing another Boro bridge/tank is where I believe the majority of people who purchase this device will be more intrigued, and that’s where it shines.


The Pulse AIO kit is a top-notch AIO gadget is a notably remarkable product  presented by Vapesourcing. In some ways, you can think of it as the Elf Bar 5000 in starter kits. It may be a bit larger and less expensive than a Billet Box, but it is far more adaptable and versatile. Although the Pulse AIO may initially appear to be a plastic Billet Box, it is much more than that on the inside. It is reasonably priced, has superb construction, works with 21700 batteries, and includes two outstanding performance tanks. It can use 21700 batteries and provides outstanding performance with the supplied Vessel RBA tank. Additionally, the kit has a tonne of items and is easily customizable. It is strongly advised.

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