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Why Do You Need a Dram Shop Attorney?

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There are a lot of road accident cases that take place every year in Pennsylvania, and a major proportion of that is due to drunk driving. If you or someone in your family has unfortunately been in such an accident, a Dram Shop lawyer can help you if a drunk driver injures you. It is possible that it is not only the driver’s fault but also the facility that served the alcohol. You need legal advice to determine whether they can be held responsible for the injuries or, worse, death.


Drunk driving does not only affect the victims of the accident but also affects their families. You need a qualified and experienced attorney to maximize the compensation and also help you have a better understanding of:


  • What are the dram shop laws?

  • How can these laws potentially help you attain compensation after an injury?

  • How can a dram shop lawyer be of help?


Dram shop laws: What is it?


These laws impose liability backed by legal obligations on restaurants, bars, and other facilities that sell or serve alcohol in an irresponsible manner. It significantly increases the possibility or risk of a drunk driving accident when the alcohol is served or sold to an individual who should not have it. The main reason for dram shop laws is to let victims hold such restaurants, bars, and stores responsible for their role in leading to death or injuries caused by drunk driving accidents.


However, keep in mind that dram shop laws differ slightly based on the state, and an attorney can guide you through it.


How can dram shop laws potentially help you attain compensation?


Bars can easily prevent drunk driving by serving alcohol responsibly. The drunk driver may not have enough money or insurance to pay for all your losses. On the other hand, the stores, bars, and restaurants that served the alcohol to the intoxicated person who caused the accident typically have more financial responsibility to cover all your losses if you claim Dram shop laws.


Dram shop lawyer –how they can help


After you file a claim under Dram Shop laws, proving the case can become complicated. You need to have a really good understanding of the laws and then know how they apply to your case or situation. A qualified attorney who has a plethora of experience in this field can represent your case, as they possess the knowledge, experience, and other skills required to build a strong case and maximize your compensation so that it covers all your losses due to the fault of the intoxicated driver who caused the accident.

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