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How to Style Hair Without Heat

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Hair is a very important part of your personality so invest in the hair because it is the only tiara you never take off. Summer is the best season to style your hair naturally by a natural air dry. There are many side effects of the use of tools that give heat to your hair and it may cause damage and breakage to your hair. So keep the hair straighteners, hair curlers, and hair dryers away for some time and try natural hairstyles.

Have a look at the hairstyles that are without heating your hair. When you keep away your hair from heat then it results in healthy and fresh hair. When you want to style your hair on daily basis, it is very difficult to use heating tools as they give dry look to your hairstyles. The main concern is how to style hair without heat.

How to Style Hair Without Heat

Hair Straightening without Heat

When we talk about straightening of hair or curing the hairs then the question is how to style hair without heat? You may do hair straightening without the use of hair straightening tools and reduce the use of heat by following methods:

By Cold Air-Blow Dry

If you want to dry your hair without heat then set the cold air mode of a hairdryer and allow the hairdryer to move from roots to tip in outward or inward direction according to your choice. The hairdryer must be six inches away from your hair. Cold air may cause less damage to the hair as compared to the hot air of the hairdryer.

Wrapping Hair

Hair wrapping is one of the good ways to tackle your hair if you know how to do it effectively.

For this wrapping, you need bobby pins or roller pins of a long length of three inches and satin that is used for hair wrapping.

How to Style Hair Without Heat

Products for Straightening hair

For calm and relax hair, there are many products such as shampoos, leave-in-conditioners, hair oils, and hair serums. For a good start, hair straightening products are good to make hair smooth and glossy.

Sleep-With Wet hair

If you don’t want to sleep with big rollers or hair wrap then sleep with wet hair and on the top of the head tie your hair loosely with a hairband. Then make a bun of your hair around the loose ponytail and then one more hairband is used to secure the hair bun.

Hair Mask

You can use a homemade hair mask to give shine and strength to your hair. A hair mask can give a straight appearance with smooth glossing to your hair. For deep conditioning, you may use avocado, yogurt, raw eggs, and honey. Mix these ingredients and make a smooth mask then apply to the hair. It may restore the hair protein in hair.

Essential Oils

Oils are important for the growth and health of your hair as it absorbs in the hair more effectively as compared to the chemical products. Argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and macadamia oil are the oils that may penetrate your sealing, follicles and repair the cells inside your head.

How to Style Hair Without Heat

Hair Curling without Heat

Braid your head

It is one of the easiest methods to curl your hair when it is wet you have to just make a braid and leave it for a night or four to five hours. When you make up in the morning, open the braid and apply any hair serum or hair oil to give neat look.

Scrunching of Hair

This is the most simple technique id you have a large volume of hair then it is easier to scrunch them. For this purpose, you just have to spray the sea salt spray on the wet hair and in an upward direction scrunch the hair.

Plastic Rollers

No heat is required if you have plastic rollers of larger size and you can get a wavy and glossy look. You need only to fit a plastics roller in wet hair before going to bed or for at least four hours. You need to be practiced using these plastic rollers.

How to Style Hair Without Heat


There is the significant importance of a t-shirt in curling hair without heat. DIY halo must be formed when you roll the t-shirt and tie the edged to form Halo. Then the t-shirt must be placed on the head, hairpieces must be wrapped around the t-shirt and tie with bobby pins. Leave the hairs in the halo overnight and in the morning you may see beautiful curls.

Top 5 Hairstyles without Heat- How to Style Hair Without Heat

Following are the hairstyles that can be made without the use of heat:

Messy Bun:

The low messy bun is one the easiest and simplest hairstyles that anyone can make. It gives a natural yet stylish look and you are ready to go anywhere.

Side Braid Boho:

A combination of fishtail and regular braid is known as Side Braid Boho. It’s very easy and you can make it easily within no time. Braid is always fun to make without using heating tools.

Rope-braid Hair Style

If you want easy and go-to hairstyles then rope braid is one of the easy and beautiful styles that you can make.

Detailing on Hairs

If you don’t want to tie the hair then you may simply tie your hair with some pretty pins and a scarf. It may not only enhance your look but give you modern look.

How to Style Hair Without Heat

Final Discussion on How to Style Hair Without Heat

In this article we have discusses the hairstyles that can be made without using heating tools such as straighteners for hair straightening. And Curler rod to the curls on hairs. Heating tools may damage your hair, cause dryness, split ends, and hair fall. We have suggested some go-to hairstyles that can be easily made and you can do practice on daily basis. Common things you need for these hairstyles are bobby pins, hairbrushes, hair bands, and some essential oils or any hair serum to give smooth and shiny looks. As when your hair looks good then you will be more confident!

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