Are smart garage door openers safe? Are they possible to hack?


Yes, smart garage door openers are safe. Many use advanced encryption to transmit data. However, hackers can hack any network connected device. However, brute force is still a better option than hacking to gain access to your garage.

It’s better to spend your time and energy on basic tasks that make your garage safer than worrying about whether your smart garage door opener is compromised.

Are smart garage door openers as secure?

Smart garage door openers have been voted the most secure smart device on the market. They work in the same way as smart locks and protect your home, valuables, family members, and loved ones.

Like many smart devices, smart garage doors openers use advanced encryption to transmit data. This protects your privacy.

Security does not end with the device. Nearly all smart devices can talk to third-party services or manufacturer services. Every device that “talks” with another service is a link in the chain and could be a security risk.

Many WiFi-enabled smart devices can send data to AWS (Amazon Web Services). A vulnerability with AWS , although unlikely, could cause a vulnerability in your smart device.

Any network connected to it can be hacked.

However, most people don’t have the time or the expertise to hack garage doors.

Security features of smart garage door openers

I believe the small chance that your smart garage doors opener could be hacked is outweighed by the security benefits it offers.

Remote monitoring

Smart garage door openers offer the greatest advantage of being able to remotely monitor your garage door .

You can see whether your garage door is closed or open using a mobile app.

An audit log will be kept of every garage door opened and closed throughout the day.


Custom alerts

You can personalise your smart garage door opener so it will notify you when:

  • Your garage door is opened
  • Garage doors are left open for a prolonged period of time
  • Garage doors are only opened in a specific time frame during the day.
  • Etc.

Remote control

The ability of closing or opening your garage door when you are away from home provides a significant security advantage over traditional garage doors.

Imagine that you forgot to close your garage door before leaving for work. You don’t have to worry about it, simply grab your smartphone and press a button. Voila, garage door closed.

You have children who are coming home from school late and you need to get into your house. You can talk to them on the phone and open the garage door.

This is one of many great benefits of a smart garage opener.

Keep your smart garage door opener secure

There are some things you can do to reduce the chance of your smart garage opener being compromised.

Software updates

These devices are made by manufacturers who know vulnerabilities exist and make sure they update their software frequently.

They will even hire third-party security companies to inspect their products periodically to find these vulnerabilities and expose them to them. Then they will inform them how to fix them.


Make sure your smart garage door opener receives these updates as soon as they are available!

Protect your WiFi network

It is even more important to ensure your home network is secure than making sure your device is updated with security updates. This means having strong passwords and, if necessary, using a VPN (virtual Private Network).

This article will show you how to create a password that is secure.

Anyone can access your WiFi network and gain access to all devices that are connected to it. Secure it now!

Make sure your garage is secure

To increase security , you can make simple, non-technical modifications to your garage.

It’s more likely than not that someone will break into your garage. They will find other ways to gain entry.

Garage windows should be covered

This simple method has many benefits.

A burglar will not have the luxury to inspect your garage, such as its layout and possible entry/exit routes.

What’s not visible, isn’t there?

A burglar won’t be able to find out about the valuable tools in your garage if they don’t know.

No matter if you block your windows with blinds, shelves/boxes or translucent films, it is worth the effort.

Exterior lighting should be upgraded

A well-lit garage or house is a powerful deterrent to thieves. Burglars are attracted to homes that are not well lit.


Do not let this happen to you.

The cost of adding motion sensor flood lights to your garage doors is very low. This alone could scare someone off.

Get your emergency garage door release key

The emergency door release lever is usually attached to a red string and allows you to manually close your garage door in the event that there is no power.

Burglars are known to use these release levers to get the garage door open by fishing for something similar to a coat hanger from the outside.

You can prevent this by using a small zip tie to attach the emergency door release lever.

Keep valuables out of your garage

This one is obvious but worth noting.

Except for your cars, I would not leave anything of value in my garage or in my car.

You have many other places in your home that provide greater security than the garage.

Do not get complacent and begin to dump everything in your garage. Consider what you have and how comfortable you feel about it being out there.

If someone does break into your garage

There are still some things you can do in the event of someone breaking into your garage.

Make sure that you have a secondary lock for the door to your home. Lock it! Do not give a burglar access to your whole home if they break into your garage.

You could also consider installing security cameras in your garage. While it won’t stop someone stealing your stuff, it can help to identify the thieves after the fact.

also consider installing an alarm system. Anything that could “surprise” burglars has the potential to stop them. Loud noises are no exception.

Conclusion: Are smart garage door openers safe?

So, are smart garage door openers safe?

Smart garage door openers can all be hacked. However, the chances of your garage door opener being hacked are almost non-existent.

Smart garage door openers offer many security benefits. You can monitor your garage door and receive alerts when it is open. You can also remotely control it.

Keep your device safe by making sure it gets regular security updates. Also, make sure your WiFi network is secured.

In the end, burglars are more likely to enter your garage using traditional methods. To reduce the risk, take simple steps such as blocking garage windows, increasing exterior lighting, locking your emergency garage door release and keeping valuables in your home.

I would not hesitate to get a smart garage opener for my house


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