My Samsung Galaxy Won’t Turn Off! Here’s the Fix.


It seems that there is no reason to turn off your smartphone with all its many uses. What happens if you try to turn your phone off and it refuses to shut down? Don’t give up if your Samsung Galaxy refuses to turn on. There are several things you can do to fix your Samsung Galaxy.

Force Restart

Software is not perfect. A malfunctioning program could be why your Samsung Galaxy won’t turn off. Force restart is an option if your phone won’t turn off when you try to use the power button and touch screen controls.

Although it may sound aggressive, a force restart can be done safely as long as the button isn’t used too often. For around ten seconds, hold down the power button or volume down buttons for approximately 10 seconds. Your Galaxy will automatically start to restart when the screen turns black.

You have two options: download or recovery mode. Hold volume up with the Bixby button . For download mode, hold volume lower with the Bixby.

Charge Your Samsung Galaxy

Try plugging your Galaxy into the charger if it won’t turn on or doesn’t respond to you. Forced restarts won’t work if the battery is low. To make sure that your Samsung Galaxy is powered up, just plug it in for a few hours.

Factory Reset

The problem could be more serious than just a bug in the app. It could be that you have installed corrupted software or an update to another bug-ridden program. A factory reset is your best option in this situation.

Make sure you have a backup of all your data before you reset your Samsung Galaxy. After the reset is completed, you can restore from your backup. This will ensure that you don’t lose important data such as contacts and photos.

You should ensure that all of your data is safe and sound. Open General management in the Settings Menu. Select Factory data reset from there. This will delete everything on your phone. If the problem is software related, it should be fixed.

Ask a pro

The worst scenario is that your Galaxy won’t turn on because of a hardware problem. You might not get a response when you press the power button.

You may also have a problem with another internal component, which can be more difficult to diagnose. If this is the case, you should consult a specialist.

Search for a Samsung-certified technician in your local area or contact UBreakiFix. To get the best results, make sure that your technician is Samsung certified and uses genuine Samsung parts. This will ensure your phone is returned in the same condition it was when you received it.

Powered Down

Your Galaxy should now shut down automatically and you will be worry-free! You’ll be able to fix your Samsung Galaxy next time it won’t turn on. How did you fix your Samsung Galaxy? Let us know what you think in the comments


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