The Best Chromebook 2022: The top Chromebooks for Kids, Students and More


Although the best Chromebooks were not exactly popular when they first appeared, they are now among the most highly-rated laptops available. These quirky laptops make use of Google Chrome’s power to provide a reliable and safe computing experience. You can do a lot of work and have fun without worrying about malware or confusing settings.

ChromeOS’ lightweight design means ChromeOS has more resources available for multitasking, without the need to use up battery life. That makes these laptops powerful enough for everyday tasks and even the not-so-graphically-intensive creative ones while maintaining long battery life and an affordable price. These laptops are great for students and business users, and can be powered by Windows 11 or macOS 12 Monterey.


You should seriously consider buying one of the top Chromebooks, even if you don’t need anything super powerful or are looking to save some money. Check out our selections, along with the best Chromebook Deals, in our price comparison tool.


What are the best Chromebooks for you?

Prices (10 found)


+Incredible battery life+Amazing “Hush” keyboard


-Iffy Pricing at Mid-to-High-End-No biometric login

Google is the most popular Chromebook worldwide, and it shouldn’t be surprising considering that Google built the OS from scratch.



The original Pixelbook by Google used to be the number one spot on our list. But the Pixelbook Go is now the best. This Chromebook shows that Chromebooks are capable of competing with mainstream laptops running Windows or macOS, while still looking great and being affordable.


Its incredible battery life is one of its most important features. This means you can work all day without having to be tied down to a wall outlet. You can even close the lid and leave the Pixelbook on your desk for days. When you return, it will still have enough battery to continue where you left off. Few Windows laptops and MacBooks can do this.

The keyboard is amazing and it is a joy to use. We even have taken to using the Pixelbook to replace larger Windows laptops. This Chromebook is a great choice if you plan to type a lot, whether for school or work.

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-Tiny keyboard, finicky trackpad -Charger and headphones share one port

It’s a Chromebook, or a tablet. The brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook will make it easy to choose. This Chromebook is true to its name. It offers two forms in one and utilizes the flexibility of the Chrome OS. It also costs less than most Windows tablets. Making it the best Chromebook-tablet hybrid on the market.

Like all Chromebooks, it has a battery life of nearly 22 hours. This means that you can work all night, then wake up at mid-afternoon to recharge the battery.

There are some compromises to make for this price – the keyboard is small, the trackpad isn’t as reliable and the charging port and headphones share one. These are not necessarily deal-breakers if you have a tight budget.

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The Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook Chromebook is nearly perfect. It packs a lot of power and has a beautiful screen. (Image credit: Lenovo)


+Powerful AMD processor+Outstanding security features


-Expensive – Less than 10 hours battery

Because it is one of the fastest Chromebooks available, the Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook jumped straight onto our top Chromebooks list. Although you will pay more for the Chromebook with all the extra horsepower, it is well worth it if your goal is to be future-proofed.

We can confidently say that this Chromebook will last for many years based on the reviews we have done. It’s a 2-in-1 Chromebook, which means it has the versatility that other Chromebooks don’t have, and the screen is amazing.

It comes with the AMD 3000C-series processors. This means that you will get more processing power than many Chromebooks. This Chromebook is a great choice for students.


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