14 Tips to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Property Sale or Search


Anyone can buy or sell a house. It is an exciting experience. It can be both exciting and thrilling to hunt for the right deal. A market expert will help you navigate the market and make your life easier. Finding the right agent and brokerage may not be as easy as you think. A trusted and experienced agent will help you sell your property quickly and get the highest price.


14 members make up the Real Estate Council. They discuss how to make sure potential buyers and sellers work with the right agent. These are their thoughts.


  1. You should choose the person, not the experience.


It is crucial to find the right agent for your needs. Do not base your decision on the agent’s experience. While experience is a benefit, it doesn’t mean that you are the best. Your agent will be spending a lot of your time so it is essential that you get along well. It is important to find someone who is trustworthy and can be trusted. You want someone who is trustworthy and honest. You should choose someone who is able to negotiate and communicate. Kevin Taylor, Sand To City Real Estate Team


  1. Chemistry is the key


Before you hire agents, interview at least three. Local knowledge is essential. Ask yourself: “Is their marketing about their properties or them?” Are they trustworthy? Chemistry is the key. Kevin Hawkins, WAV Group, Inc.


  1. Ask other homeowners for referrals


Although technology has made it easier to find homes online, agents with the right skills and knowledge can still be an option. Referrals are the best. Referring an ex client is the best compliment an agent can receive. Ask homeowners if they would recommend a agency. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, find an expert in your local area. Eileen Lacerte, Hawaii Beach and Golf Properties


  1. Find someone who shares your highest interest


Ask yourself the following question: Does my agency represent my best interest? A representative who isn’t willing to give you the best options will not be able help you. Ask questions upfront, and don’t be afraid of asking questions. – Joshua Hunt, TRELORA


  1. Follow your gut feeling


Your brain makes decisions using logic and emotions. This is your intuition. Before you interview for this job, make sure you review their business records to see if there have been satisfied customers. The second step is to trust your gut instincts. If the feeling is right, the candidate for the job is the one. – Lucas Pinto, Lucas Pinto Real Estate Group, LLC


  1. Rely on an agent


You, the client, should initiate the conversation. You should pay attention to the way that the broker or agent listens to you and asks questions. While most agents have the ability to access technology to help you sell your property or find other options, it is important that you work with someone who understands your goals. It is worth your time to find an agent that you can trust and respect. Beverly Serral, Beverly Serral Signatures


  1. Passion, conviction, and honesty are the keys to your success


Take a look at the work of this agent. This is the best and easiest way to find out how other properties are being promoted. Take a look at the brochures, signage and listing materials. Pay attention to how they look. You should look for passion, conviction, and honesty in your agent. Ask your agent about the process of selling your house fast and at the best possible price. – Brian Balduf, VHT Studios


  1. They should provide sufficient support


Do your research before you make a decision. Do they have a team to support them? A team of agents can provide exceptional customer service for all customers. Agents can work with multiple clients at once. When a client is selling or buying a house, agents can forget important details or provide poor support. – Will Featherstone & Co.


  1. You can check to see if there is a lower risk.


A real agent should be honest about the risks involved in buying or selling. Don’t listen to anyone who flatters and denigrates agents. You need to find an agent that can manage risk and is realistic. Agents who can answer questions about your investment analysis, neighborhood performance, long-term effects, and the long-term consequences of your sale/purchase should be considered. Chuck Hattemer of Onerent


  1. Solid core values


Core values are essential for finding the right person, regardless of industry. You want to share your core values and work with people who share them. You are truthful and honest. It would be wonderful to have someone as honest as you. Chris Ryan, Luxury Lifestyles Group/RE/MAX Realty Westside


  1. Look for a compassionate agent who is willing to listen to your concerns


It can be hard to buy a house. An agent who is patient and understanding will help you. Ask your agent if you share the same outlook and feelings as them. Angela Yaun, Day Realty Group


  1. Inventory and Track Record


Real estate brokers don’t happen overnight. It takes time to build a reputation that attracts quality inventory. Commercial reciprocity is a rare exception for single-family homes. It is important to meet with local brokers about the type and size property. – Michael Harris, CREModels


  1. Seek Clear Lines Of Communication


Agents should feel comfortable speaking with you. It is not the right fit if you are uncomfortable talking with agents or feel pressured. – Sarnen Steinbarth, TurboTenant


  1. Search the Internet for information


You don’t have to be your friend’s agent to become an agent. Google an agent if you’re interested. Yelp also allows you to leave reviews. Visit their website. Interview them. It’s a blessing that we live in an age where so much information is available. Make the most of all your information. – Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan, stribling.com


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