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5 Signs It’s Time To Throw Away Old Furniture

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People keep old furniture for various reasons, such as sentimental value, appreciation of its craftsmanship, or aesthetics. Many people also choose to keep pieces of furniture that have been handed down through generations as a way to honor family history. However, holding on to damaged or unusable furniture can cause more harm than good. 

Fortunately, a few signs will help you determine if it’s time to get rid of old furniture. Removing damaged or unused items can free up and declutter your space while preventing possible injuries or property damage. However, don’t just dump them on the curb or into landfills. Disposing of your old furniture must be done appropriately and responsively through sustainable practices. You can read about it here to know more. 

If you are wondering if your furniture has run its course, you can look out for the following signs. 

  • It Has Cracked Or Split Wood 

If your furniture has cracks or splits in the wood, it’s time to throw them away. Cracks and splits are common signs of ageing. They also mean that your piece is no longer strong enough to support the weight of its contents. It is essential to fix or replace weak chairs, tables, cabinets, bookshelves and the like, as they may cause accidents. 

Cracks and splits can also signify that your piece is vulnerable to pests or mold. If you notice these signs on your old furniture, throwing them away is the best way to ensure the problem stays manageable. 

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  • It Has Torn or Damaged Fabric 

If your old furniture has torn or damaged fabric, then it’s time to throw it away. Fabric is one of the essential materials in certain pieces of furniture, like couches and beds, that satisfy both function and aesthetics. Not only does it serve as the primary upholstery material, but it also protects wood from moisture and heat. If your furniture has torn or damaged fabric, it may no longer optimally serve its purpose and may even encourage rot or infestation. 

If you want to keep your furniture after noticing tears or holes in the fabric, you can buy new textile and replace it. If it is beyond repair, you should throw it away. 

  • It’s Making You Itch 

If you’ve noticed that your furniture has started to make you itch, then it’s time for a replacement. Itching can be caused by various things, including dust mites or mold spores that have built up over time and pet dander. Scratching can cause a rash, leading to infections if you rub too hard and break the skin. If your furniture is making you itch, throw them out and find a replacement that provides comfort. 

  • It’s Falling Apart 

If your furniture is falling apart or has become damaged beyond repair, it’s time to throw it away. For instance, chairs with broken legs or tables with missing pieces aren’t instrumental in your home or office and may even become a safety hazard if they’re not immediately removed from your property. If you have any furniture in this condition, you should throw it away immediately. 

Attempting to repair severely damaged pieces can cost more than replacing them entirely. By throwing away old furniture, you can avoid the cost and hassle of fixing them and invest in new, high-quality pieces that will serve you better. 

  • You’re Moving To A New Location 

Moving to a new location may require you to leave old furniture behind. The area you are relocating to may be too far, and hauling your furniture with you can cost you a lot of money. Or, the space in your new home or office may not accommodate your old furniture because of aesthetics or size. Whatever the reason, you may need to throw out your old furniture if taking them with you is too inconvenient or impractical. 


Sometimes, detecting that your old furniture has reached its end can be difficult. Luckily, the signs mentioned above can help identify which ones need disposal. If your old furniture already has cracks or damaged fabric, has started to make you itch or has already fallen apart, you should throw them away and replace them immediately. You can opt for greener ways of removing them from your property by selling them to secondhand furniture stores, donating them to a charity, or hiring an eco-friendly junk removal company. 

Replacing your old piece allows you to reduce clutter in your home or office and create space for new, high-quality furniture that can serve you better.

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