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7 Photos We Should See In Every Family Photo Album

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Whether your brood is large or small, family photo albums are likely to be one of your most treasured possessions. These precious personalised photo books are at the top of the list of sentimental valuables that most people would save in the event of fire or flood. They are typically filled with happy memory snaps of family holidays, birthdays, special occasions and other milestone events, and are simply priceless and irreplaceable.

If you want your collection of favourite photographs to be cherished by every family member, here are 7 photos that you should definitely include in your photo album arrangements…

  1. The Group Shot

When it comes to photos of your family, top of the crop will always be the posed group shot that includes every member of the clan. The family group photograph is the central feature in any photo book that is owned by anyone who is a parent or grandparent.

Christmas is a popular time to get together with parents and siblings, and also extended members of the family. It can be fun to line up everyone, and to squeeze into the shot that will be framed by the camera lens. The family group ensemble will definitely be the shot that everyone requests a copy of, to display in their own album.

  1. A Family History

Most family photo albums tend to be filled up with an assortment of images that capture milestone events and memorable occasions. If you have more than one album, you may also have a collection of photographs from the past that chronicle family life through the years.

If you’re lucky to have a few precious photos that were captured long ago and preserved for decades, it’s certainly worth displaying them for all to see. Photos of past generations make great viewing for everyone in the family. As grandparents and great grandparents relive experiences of a golden age, parents can reminisce about happy days, while the younger generation may look in wonder and amazement at the fashion, styles and scenery of yesteryear.

A chronological arrangement of family history photographs enhances the visual appeal of any photo book that belongs to your brood. These old photos are especially precious because they highlight important, celebratory and everyday moments in the life of your family. They also leave behind a legacy that can be passed down through future generations. Adding newspaper articles, marriage certificates, and handwritten letters makes the albums even more unique and priceless.

  1. Milestone Snaps

If you have children, you will no doubt have amassed a great number of photographs that record milestone moments. From the second that a newborn takes their first breath, there are unlimited photo opportunities available to you. It’s lovely to create a special collection of milestone snaps of your child/children that includes birthdays, play dates, the first day at school, the posed annual school photo, and other meaningful occasions.

When curating photos for a family photo book, choose your favourite milestone shot for each child. Display the photos side-by-side, or fill up reversed pages in a family history timeline. Grown up kids may initially feel a little embarrassed by the photo you have chosen, of them looking cheeky or sweet and shy, but they will secretly be pleased that you’ve included it in your most cherished album arrangement.

  1. Annual Family Holiday Photos

Top of the list of photographs displayed in family photo albums, that most people love to browse, has to be the snaps of the clan on holiday. The annual family holiday offers rich pickings, in terms of capturing images that will be fondled remembered for years to come.

Travel photos commemorate adventures that you enjoyed together. Whether you holidayed abroad or enjoyed a staycation, your selection of snaps can create an excellent visual record of memories that unite you as a family.

It’s a good idea to arrange your holday photos in chronological order, starting with a departure photo at the airport, or packing up the car. Finish up with an image that shows the whole family looking relaxed, happy and tanned, before heading back home.

  1. The Little Things

While it is important to celebrate the big moments in our lives – birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries amongst them – it’s also lovely and worthwhile to document moments that recall the little things. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words so highlighting a few seemingly random photos can instantly make you recall a moment lost in time.

Everyday photos of non-specific events, like mum pottering about in the garden, dad tinkering under the bonnet of his old car, or a young child playing with sand or dressing up, can evoke precious heartfelt memories, as well as a wealth of feelings and emotions.

Gather up your photos of random stuff, and pick one or two to feature as surprises in your family photo books. These mundane moments will make everyone feel sentimental, and appreciative of family life.

  1. Pet Portraits

Your beloved pet is one of the family, and therefore deserves their own space in the pages of the family album of keepsake photos. Celebrate the life of your kitty or pooch with an array of snaps that displays their unique character and playful personality.

Arrange your pet photos in chronological order – from kitten and pup photographs, to posed shots that you’ve expertly captured of your furry friend. Although it’s not quite so easy to take photos of smaller animals like hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and fish, it’s worth persevering so that you can include them in your family photo line up.

  1. Candid Moments

Last but not least, it’s essential to include photographs of your family members during moments that are candid and reflective. These beautiful evocative shots will elevate the style of your personalised family photo albums, and create unforgettable memories.

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