Chromecast Does Chromecast Require WiFi? Use Smart PHONE data instead!


Google Chromecast is used by the majority of people who cast from the comfort of their homes and receive a reliable WiFi signal.

What if you don’t have WiFi at home? What if you go camping?

Can you still use Chromecast? Is Chromecast really possible? Not required Do you need WiFi to get your job done?

Chromecast requires WiFi

Chromecast doesn’t require WiFi to function. Instead, you can use your Apple or Android smartphone as a hotspot. Chromecast can be used without WiFi by using two devices. One device acts as the hotspot, the other is to cast with. Both Chromecast and WiFi cannot be used on the same device.

You must also use two different devices. This is the key.

The hotspot will be provided by one of the devices, preferably a smart-phone. This phone can be thought of as replacing your router.

Cast from the other smartphone

( NOTE – To use the Chromecast model with remote control, you don’t need to have two smartphones. All the steps can be followed using one smartphone!

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1 Chromecast requires WiFi 1.1 Step by step instructions

1.1.1 Factory Reset your Chromecast

1.1.2 Configure hotspot for one of the devices Setting up hotspot on Apple iPhone Setting up hotspot on Android smartphone

1.1.3 Install Chromecast on another device

1.1.4 Streaming using Chromecast with hotspot!

2 Conclusion

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Step-by-step instructions

Before we start, I want to clarify a few assumptions. The first is that you have an HDMI port and a power source.

Both are required to turn on the Chromecast device and cast.

The second thing is that you have two phones (although I believe a tablet could work as well). The hotspot will be one and the cast will be done by the other.

Okay, let’s move on.

Factory reset your Chromecast

This step can be skipped if you have just purchased your Chromecast. Continue reading if you don’t want to skip this step.

To use your Chromecast as a hotspot, you’ll need to reset it. Otherwise your Chromecast will continue trying to connect to the original WiFi network at your home.

The device will reset once it is lit. The reset process usually takes between one and thirty seconds.

Install hotspot on any of the devices

Now, choose one of your smartphones to be the hotspot.

Although Android and Apple have slightly different methods of activating the hotspot, both are fairly simple. You will need to have a sim card for your phone to be used as a hotspot.

You can’t use your phone as a hotspot without a simcard

Before you make this move, it’s worth checking the data plan that you have with your mobile phone carrier. For example, my Verizon plan includes unlimited data and lots of free hotspot time.

Surprise bills are not what you want.

Once the hotspot phone is set up, you can consider this device your “wireless router”.

How to set up hotspot for Apple iPhone

Simply go to Settings, then click on Personal Hotspot. Turn it on.

The password for the hotspot should be on the same webpage. You can either copy it to your phone or make a separate note.

On the other phone you are using to cast, open the WiFi menu. Find the hotspot of your router phone and enter the password.

You can enable Mobile Hotspot by going to Connections and selecting Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. You might also have Tethering and Settings.

You can also search for “hotspot” and “tethering” on the device.

Install Chromecast on another device

Now, take another smartphone (either Android or Apple) and install the Google Home app. This app will be available on Apple iPhones in the App Store, while it will be available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

Next, allow “Location Access”. Your phone will search for and locate your Chromecast device successfully.

Continue on to the next steps until you land at the “Connect To WiFi” screen. You should now see your hotspot on the other phone in the previous step.

Select your hotspot in the WiFi list, then enter the password and click “Connect”.

You can continue with the steps by clicking “Next”, and you will be done.

If you’d rather watch a video, here is a tutorial that covers all these steps:

Chromecast streaming with hotspot

That’s it! Now, you can cast to your TV/monitor with your other phone acting as your hotspot/router.

This setup has the great advantage of allowing any device connected to your hotspot to cast to your screen.

If you are with friends and one of your friends has an iPhone that they wish to cast with, they can connect it to your hotspot to then cast away.

Reminder: The hotspot phone you are using cannot also be used for casting. You must use a different device that casts.

The hotspot phone is a router at this point. You can’t think of it as anything (unless the Chromecast model with the remote)

You should now be able cast YouTube, YouTube TV and Netflix on a non-hotspot phone. All you have to do is open one of the respective apps and hit the cast icon in the upper right corner.

You should now be able to use Chromecast with only your mobile data from your phone.


Chromecast doesn’t require WiFi to function. You can instead use your cell phone as a hotspot.

You’ll need to have two smartphones. Both Android and iPhone phones work! You will need one smartphone to set up as the hotspot, and another to cast from.

Your hotspot phone can be thought of as your wireless router and will replace your home router.

Unless you own the most recent Chromecast model with the remote, you can only use one smartphone.

Before you start, make sure that your Chromecast is factory reset by pressing the button at the side for about 20 seconds.

Once you have your hotspot set up successfully on one of your phones, download the Google Home App on the other phone and create your Chromecast.

This is it! You should now be able stream YouTube, YouTube TV and Netflix. You don’t need WiFi!



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