Destiny 2’s Season Of The Risen has a Roadmap Now.


It’s the alternation between Iron Banner and Trials Labs, since there are five Labs happening over the next two-months in total. It’s not something I care about, but the rest is interesting.

Next week, or in a few days, we will receive Legend PsiOps Battlegrounds. I don’t know much about the purpose of these other than perhaps completing some triumphs. I have every Risen weapon pattern now so there is no need to use them except for a weekly pinnacle to kill champions. Curious to see what the Legend versions will look like?


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Vow of the Disciple Master Difficulty challenges are available this week. These are required in order for you to get the raid title. Vow of Disciple Master Difficulty launches April 19. This will answer questions about Adept/Time Lost weapons and how they work with the new crafting system. We have not heard anything about how these two ideas interact.

The arrival of Guardian Games is the last real event in this calendar. Although it doesn’t normally occur during expansion seasons, due to Witch Queen’s delay, that was the best timing. This is my third year attending the Guardian Games. It is not my favorite event in terms of both activities and aesthetics. Maybe we will get an exotic. We’ll find out. Year 1 brought us Heir Apparent, and year 2 gave us its catalyst. But we’ll wait. Now it’s my turn, Warlocks, with Hunters and Titans having won the previous two years. Maybe. Most likely not.

There might be a surprise in there, but Bungie isn’t really surprising us with one in a while. We already have Vox Obscura as our seasonal exotic mission, so I don’t think we will get another. It seems like a two-month break where you can complete random challenges, raid hard mode and obtain patterns. Okay, fine with me. I need to have a baby to care for during this exact time period.


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