How to fix YouTube not working on Roku


YouTube can still show up on Roku, even if YouTube doesn’t work.

  • The YouTube app Roku won’t launch.
  • YouTube cannot be logged in.
  • YouTube videos can’t be launched

These issues can occur suddenly, even if the app has worked well in the past. These issues may occur when YouTube is launched on Roku or when you log in to YouTube to launch a YouTube Video.

Roku: YouTube is not working with Roku

Your Roku device may not launch the YouTube app for a variety of reasons. It could be due not having an internet connection, YouTube account problems, or problems with your Roku streaming media device.

YouTube won’t work if YouTube is not available. If your Roku device’s firmware is not up-to-date, you might have trouble launching apps like YouTube.

Roku not working with YouTube

YouTube is not working with Roku The easiest solutions are the first, then you can move onto more complicated solutions like resetting Roku.

  1. Verify that all devices within your home can connect to the internet. If your Wi-Fi internet connection is down, you won’t have permission to launch your YouTube channel via Roku. Your Wi-Fi network might not be able to connect to other devices if yours is. These steps will get your Roku online again. First, reset your router.
  2. Slow internet speeds can also cause problems with Roku channels. You might have trouble opening YouTube channels if you don’t have fast internet. You should test your internet speed to determine if this is the case. You can fix slow internet speeds and bring your YouTube channel online.
  3. Even though you have an internet connection at home, your Roku device may not be connecting to internet. If other devices can connect to the internet, but not Roku channels, this is often true. You can find the IP address of your Roku in the settings menu. If your Roku does not have an address, you’ll need to connect it with your Wi-Fi network. Once you’ve reconnected, the YouTube channel should be launched.
  4. Restart your Roku device. The Roku can be restarted to resolve any system or app issues. You can use the menu to restart. Wait a few seconds to unplug the Roku before you plug it back in.
    If your Roku isn’t working, you can reset it. All your personal preferences will be lost if you reset your Roku. It is necessary to log back into your Roku account, and set up the Roku.
  5. Check out YouTube’s status. If YouTube is down, YouTube will not allow you to launch your YouTube channel via Roku. There is no way to do it and videos won’t load.
  6. Make sure that your YouTube account is active. Verify that you have the correct password and ID. Your YouTube account may have been deleted or locked. This could explain why Roku’s YouTube channel cannot be connected to it.
  7. Remove the YouTube channel from your computer and add it back. The Roku YouTube app can be reinstalled to fix issues or resolve glitches.
  8. Update your Roku. If your firmware isn’t up-to-date, it can cause problems when you launch YouTube channels. Even though the Roku streaming media device automatically updates, it is worth regularly updating to fix any unexpected problems that may occur. These steps will help you update your Roku streaming media player.
    You will need access to the Roku’s home screen in order to update it. After the Roku has been launched, you must not interrupt or shut down the update process. You could cause serious issues with the firmware of your Roku.


  • Next, select Settings. Next, choose Systems. Next, click on Update.
  • From the System Update screen, select Check Here.
  • Roku will automatically install the latest updates for your device.
  1. YouTube technical support may be required if none of these solutions fail and YouTube refuses to allow you to open YouTube on Roku. YouTube’s help page may also be helpful.

2021 YouTube TV and Roku Disagreement

Terms of service differed between YouTube and Roku. YouTube TV was therefore not available on Roku’s service for more than six months from 2021. In early 2022, the agreement was made.

If this happens, you can always try again. Start YouTube TV on your phone or computer and mirror your display to the Roku.


  • YouTube does not work on my computer
    YouTube might not work properly due to problems with your internet connection, browser or browser. Reopen your browser, adjust the video quality and close it. Clear browser cookies and cache. You can also play a YouTube video privately. If you have problems, restart your computer or reboot your router.
  • YouTube does not work on my TV
    YouTube might not work on your smart TV due to an unstable or slow internet connection. YouTube may not work on your TV. The YouTube app may also need to be updated. You can uninstall the YouTube app if you have an internet connection.
  • YouTube does not work on my iPhone
    YouTube videos that don’t open on iPhones could be caused by corrupt data or poor internet connectivity. Try connecting to another wireless network if this fails. To see if it helps, clear the YouTube app cache.



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