How to Play Xbox on a Laptop


Your laptop can be used as a monitor for your Xbox console

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Connections> Remote Features and tick the Allow remote features box.
  • Open Xbox app settings and choose Allow connections using any device.
  • To stream to your laptop, open the Xbox app on Windows 10 or 11.

This article will show you how to use your laptop for your Xbox as a monitor.

How do you play Xbox on a laptop?

The console’s built in remote play feature allows you to play Xbox games from a laptop. Follow these steps to enable remote features on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One.

Remote Play

To enable remote play from your console, you will need to connect to the internet. You will also need a good internet connection, since streaming video can be slow and take up a lot of bandwidth.

  1. Open Settings by turning on our console. Select Device and connections.
  2. Navigate to Remote Features.
  3. Check the box next to the Allow remote featuresbox.
  4. Navigate to Xbox app preferences
  5. Select Allow connections from all devices. You can also choose Only from profiles sign into this Xbox console to increase security.

Go back to the Remote Features menu and choose Test remote play. This will confirm that your internet is capable of handling the bandwidth load.

Use the Laptop’s Screen to Play Xbox Games

After you have completed the setup on your Xbox console it is time to move to your laptop. A laptop with Windows 10 or Windows 11 will be required. It is also important to have the Xbox app installed from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Start the Xboxapp from your Windows laptop.
  2. The console icon is located next to the search bar at top of the app.
  3. To stream your Xbox console to your computer, click on the icon. It is important that you don’t leave your console on during gameplay.

Can an Xbox be plugged into a laptop?

Although many laptops come with an HDMI port, they don’t allow you to plug a signal in. These ports can only transmit the display signal from the laptop to a TV or monitor. These ports can only be used to output an Xbox and not as a monitor.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is the only way to play Xbox games from your laptop. It’s included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is different from remote play because it doesn’t share your progress or games. Xbox Cloud Gaming can only access the Xbox Game Pass titles. To find out if Xbox Cloud Gaming is right for your needs, check out our guide.

Is it possible to play my Xbox One on my laptop?

You can play Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One games on a Windows laptop, tablet, or computer if you own an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S have similar system setups. You can use the settings above to play Xbox One on your laptop. Remote features will need to be enabled on your Xbox One console. Turn off your Xbox One console, then open the Xbox app on your computer. Connect to your Xbox using the icon near the search bar.


How can I play Xbox 360 games from my laptop?

Download games from Microsoft Store. The emulator Xenia allows you to play Xbox 360 Games on your laptop. Select Download > Extract the file > Drag the Xbox 360 game that you wish to play onto the Xenia file .

How can I play Xbox games on my computer without an Xbox console?

You can play Xbox Play Anywhere games only on Windows 10 and 11 PCs. Download select titles from the Microsoft Store. You can also sign up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription if you are interested in streaming-style services. If you decide to change your mind, the Ultimate version allows for more flexibility in playing on other devices.


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