How to Tame an Ocelot In Minecraft


If you know what you should feed them, ocelots can be a neutral mob you can turn into your allies. How to control an ocelot on Minecraft.


How to Tame an Ocelot In Minecraft

These steps will help you gain the trust of your ocelot and make it follow you around.


  1. Fish in a river or lake to collect at least 20 raw fish (raw salmon or cod).

  2. Find an ocelot in a jungle biome. It might escape if you get too close.

  3. You can hold the raw fish in one hand and let it come up to your face.

  4. Feed the fish to the ocelot. This will vary depending on which platform you are playing on.
    • PC – Right-click and Hold
    • Mobile – Tap and Hold the Screen
    • Xbox – Press and hold LT
    • PlayStation – Press and hold L2
    • Nintendo – Press and hold ZL

  5. A baby ocelot will become an adult if it is fed raw fish. To keep the ocelot tame, continue to feed it.
  6. Continue feeding the ocelot fish till it has red hearts. You will now have an ally in the ocelot.

    Older versions of Minecraft saw tamed ocelots transformed into cats when they were tamed. Cats can now be tamed with raw fish.

Ocelots: Where can you find them?

Ocelots can only be found in rainforest biomes. Ocelots are only found in jungle biomes. They won’t approach you if you’re not careful. You can summon as many ocelots you wish by using an Ocelot Spawn egg if you are playing Creative mode.


How to Tame Ocelots

Ocelots won’t eat any other fish than raw salmon and cod. To keep their attention, you should gather at least 20 raw fish. First, make a fishing rod. Then, go fishing in a river, lake, or pond to catch fish.

What you can do with Ocelots

Tamed ocelots are not like real cats and will not stay with you at all unless you give them food. They will roam quite a lot if they are not fed. Holding raw fish in your hands will keep them close by. Ocelots can be run off by some mobs so it is a good idea to have one on your side.


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