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My AirPods are not connecting to Windows The Real Fix.

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AirPods can be used with Apple products and are very convenient for other devices. Your AirPods will work with any Windows computer as long as they are properly paired. This article will explain what to do if your AirPods don’t connect to your Windows device.

Reset Your AirPods from Your Cell Phone or Other Devices

It’s possible for your AirPods to become overwhelmed by all the connections they make when you have them paired with different devices. When AirPods are paired with multiple devices simultaneously, they can often malfunction.

Disable Bluetooth on all personal devices is the best way to ensure that your AirPods don’t fail. If you use your AirPods with a cell phone, for example, it is advisable to disable Bluetooth on all other devices. This will reduce any confusion that could affect your AirPods’ ability function properly.

Connect your AirPods to Your Computer

The simple reason your AirPods won’t work with your computer is because they haven’t been paired.

Open your AirPods case, and then press the button on the back to connect your AirPods with your computer via Bluetooth. Your AirPods will pair when the front light of the case glows white.

To start your computer, click the Start icon at the lower left corner. To access your Bluetooth controls, go to Settings and then select Devices. If your AirPods have been successfully connected to your computer before they should be listed under Audio. To find your AirPods if this is your first pairing, please check the Other Devices heading.

Once you have found them on your computer, click on them and then choose Connect. After your AirPods are successfully paired, you will see the word Connected Below their listing on your computer’s monitor.

Reset Your AirPods

Resetting your AirPods may be the solution to your problem if you are having trouble connecting your computer to your AirPods via Bluetooth.

You may first try putting them back into their cases, allowing them to rest for 10 seconds, and then opening the case to reconnect. This can refresh AirPods’ wireless connection and allow them to pair again with other devices.

If temporarily putting them in their cases doesn’t work, you might try a complete reset. After placing your AirPods in their cases, press the button at the back. Your AirPods will reset successfully when the orange light in the case turns on.

After a reset, iOS devices will pair automatically with AirPods. However, you’ll need a manual connection with your Windows PC. To pair your AirPods again with your computer, follow the steps in the previous step.

Reset your PC’s Bluetooth

Resetting your AirPods might help. Look in the Devices section of Settings and locate the switch labelled Bluetooth. You can toggle this switch back-and-forth to turn Bluetooth on and off.

Although this tip isn’t officially recognized as a Windows fix, it may give your computer an opportunity to establish a new connection with Bluetooth networks.

Apple Repairs Your AirPods

If none of these tips work to get your AirPods working with Windows 10, it is best to contact a technician.

Are you near an Apple Store? For a free diagnosis, make an appointment at your nearest Genius Bar. A technician from Apple will examine your device and give you a quote on how much it will cost to repair your AirPods. They might even repair your AirPods if they have the parts!

Apple offers a mail-in option for repair if you don’t want to visit an Apple Store. Apple support provides more information on how to send your AirPods back to them via the mail.

You can see through the windows, and you can listen through the Pods

AirPods are very useful for many tasks that you do on your computer. These tasks, which can include video chat, listening to music, and watching movies, can quickly become frustrating if the AirPods don’t connect to Windows. Your PC should have Bluetooth enabled so that your AirPods can be paired quickly for any task you throw at them.

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