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Potential Features That Crypto Tax Software Must Have!

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Do you hold or trade cryptocurrencies? Well! You may be liable for the crypto taxes. Calculating crypto taxes may look daunting for first-time users. It also increases the chance of making errors and gets into the trouble of tax audits and penalties. While searching for a reliable solution to this problem, you will end up at the tax crypto software.

Crypto tax software is an automated program that calculates the tax you owe the IRS and generates the report automatically. This software works similar to other tax filing software. However, it is designed to work with the complicated nuances of the cryptocurrency trading world. 

The reliable crypto tax software will help day traders file the taxes effectively even if they trade on several exchanges and perform thousands of daily transactions. So, it becomes easier to calculate crypto exchange tax and file the tax report on time. 

How does crypto tax software work?

Crypto tax software usually simplifies the process of calculating and filing the cryptocurrency tax return. It will follow the specific approach to estimate the crypto gains and losses. After that, it either provides that information or automatically fills up the tax documents for filing the tax returns.

By handling all the complicated paperwork, it reduces labor requirements, confusion in the tax filing process and time consumption. Here is how crypto tax software work!

  • Connect your device to the internet and sign up for the crypto tax software you have installed
  • Integrate the crypto exchanges and wallets from where you need to take transaction data and history 
  • Upon successful integration, the software will automatically fill some fields on the tax documents. You may need to fill in specific details manually and cross-check everything before submitting.
  • On the software, you must enter details such as names, adjusted gross income for last year, social security numbers, and others. 
  • You can preview capital gains and calculate the taxes automatically. Finally, download the auto-generated tax documents. 

Essential features of crypto tax software

When choosing the best crypto tax software, you need to check the availability of the following features. It helps you to calculate and file crypto taxes accurately and efficiently. 

  • Crypto exchange integration

The number of crypto exchanges, wallets, and decentralized providers the software supports is a vital feature of any crypto tax software. Many traders make the mistake of not tracking their crypto trades properly. It makes them confront troubles while importing and tracking the crypto trades to file the tax return. With the tax software, you will not face these challenges anymore because it integrates a wide range of crypto wallets and exchanges to get a detailed report. 

  • Wide range of accounting methods

Another vital feature that crypto tax software should have is the availability of different accounting methods to calculate gains and tax reports. It helps you to choose the specific accounting method based on your situation and file the crypto tax on time.

Apart from these, the tax software should have B2B support and instant access to professionals, integration for crypto tax filing, and ease of calculating crypto profits and filing taxes. 


Now, you get a clear insight into the crypto tax software. Look around and choose the right software to calculate and file your crypto tax properly. 

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