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Table of Contents1. What does CC Live Checker do?

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What is CC Live Checker?

The CCLive Checker verifies that credit cards are legal and allow transactions to be made.

This tutorial is not intended to be used.

Before We Start
Before starting the tutorials, there are some things you should know:

These scripts are available. A link will be provided after watching the video.
Stripe gateway can be used to make donations. Google Dork or another method can also be used.
Credit Card Live Checker
This tutorial has a lot of detail. Let us know if you have any questions.


Video links:

Index.php -> https://link-to.net/74009/iasd

Bin.php -> https://link-to.net/74009/sf234

Api.php -> https://link-to.net/74009/sd2

You might be wondering why checkers are available in so many different versions. The ke1 version checks the Luhn Algorithm.

What’s the Luhn Algorithm, you ask?
The Luhn algorithm is used to validate card numbers or other identifying numbers. The algorithm verifies the accuracy of sums.

This algorithm can also be used to verify other identification numbers. This algorithm is most commonly used for credit card verification.

BREAKING DEAD The Luhn Algorithm
Credit card companies, businesses, and individuals must be able to decrypt and encrypt sensitive financial information about cardholders and card issuers within a short time period.

The Luhn algorithm does not apply to credit card transactions security.

A sum of all digits is used for determining if a credit-card number is valid.

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