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The best 120Hz 4K TV guide 2022: Get smooth, fast gaming

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The best 120Hz 4K TVs are perfectly placed to maximise the experience of your PS5 and Xbox Series X. This key number of 120Hz is essential to unlock the full potential of this new generation of games. Every model listed on this page has this cutting-edge HDMI 2.0 functionality. It allows you to play high frame rates at 4K resolutions. Simply put, you will need one of the top 120Hz TVs if your console is to deliver a great experience. Many of these models also feature in our best Xbox Series X TV guide.

It is rare that TVs can play such smooth video. We have compiled a list of the top models in each category so that you can search by price, screen size and other features. First, there won’t be any 120Hz 4K TVs in the bargain aisles. But, if you are into gaming, investing in a 4K 4K flatscreen with HDMI v2.1 connectivity is a smart move. Only HDMI v2.1 ports can handle 4K 120 frame per second video output. While there are a few titles that do, we expect to see a lot more of these in the future as more studios discover the full potential of the Xbox and Xbox Series.

You can find 120Hz HDMI ports on both high-end 4K UHD TVs as well as 8K models. In some cases, they may simply be called an 8K input. Although there isn’t much 8K content available right now, it’s important to have the port for high-frame rate gaming. Always ensure you look at the specifications list and make sure to include the term HDMI 2.1. All of the top 120Hz 4K TVs come with additional game-facing tech like VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) or ALLM (Auto Low Latency). For the lowest input lag possible, the latter automatically switches a TV to Game Mode. The former eliminates juddering and tearing artefacts. Both are great things.

The Best 120Hz 4K TVs for 2022

The Q80T flatscreen is extremely frag-friendly and offers great value. It has been superseded by the 2021 NeoQLED panels which have aided its value! The Q80T’s image quality is exceptional, with excellent colour fidelity and dynamic HDR. The 120Hz 4K Samsung QLED TV is the most affordable. It has a full-array backlight which will provide better contrast and HDR.

There are many feature attractions. There’s 4K 120fps support and VRR, ALLM, as well as FreeSync support for PC gamers. Its OST (Object SoundtrackIng) audio system is also a favourite. This allows for speakers to be placed at the top and bottom of the set. This gives it a unique edge over the 120Hz 4K TV.

The Tizen-connected smart television platform from Samsung is also one of the best. You don’t have to use the many streaming apps or catch-up TV players. There are also smart functions like Ambient Mode, Mobile Multi-View twin screen mode, and Mobile Multi-View Ambient Mode. This is useful for gamers who want their play to be synced with Twitch streamers.

Two-speed Game Mode is the icing on top. Game Motion Plus has some picture processing on for maximum eye candy. Hardcore Game mode improves input latency to 8.7ms (1080/60). This TV is truly the best 120Hz 4K TV you can purchase, pound-for-pound.

The CX is positioned just above LG’s BX range (see details below). It uses the premium Alpha 9 processor from the brand, which powers many AI-enhanced audio and vision enhancements. These enhancements are amazing: the LG OLED’s picture quality is unbeatable. The CX is stunning to look at, thanks to its excellent HDR dynamics and vibrant colour fidelity. It also comes with four HDMI 2.1 inputs, making it ideal for multi-device setups. This makes it well-equipped for next-generation gaming. This is more support for 120Hz 4K than we will likely need.

VRR and ALL modes are also available, as well as G-Sync or AMD FreeSync compatibility. LG’s webOS smart platform is navigable with the brand’s Magic remote control and offers lots of streaming entertainment, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Apple TV+.

Samsung QN90A/QN95A

The QN90A/QN95A is Samsung’s 2021 TV range. It takes its already impressive QLED panel tech and goes even further with it. This 4K flagship is powered by Mini-LED and features stunning blacks, vivid colours and contrasts, as well as excellent HDR management.

The Neo Quantum 4K processor is an AI-powered, high-quality image processor. Intelligent Mode optimises all sources. This makes it easy to use, no matter what you are watching or what you prefer.

One of Samsung’s One Connect Boxes connects to the television via a fibre optic cable. While this adds an additional unit to the setup, it does allow for four HDMI 2.0 connections. This is great for anyone who has multiple gaming devices. Tizen, Samsung’s smart TV platform, provides smart connectivity. There are many apps, including Netflix Prime Video, Apple TV and Disney.

The QN95A now has the Game Bar. This is a dedicated interface to tweaks and adjustments. In standard Game mode, latency was very low at 10.1ms (1080/60). HDR10, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10+ HLG and HDR10+ HDR10+ HDR10 are all supported. However, Dolby Vision compatibility is not available. This doesn’t affect the TV’s overall performance.

Samsung’s OTS sound technology has made the TV sound system sound much better and more natural. The Neo QLED QN95A 4K QLED TV is a beautiful high-end option. This is a very expensive but excellent TV.

This television is known in the US as the QN90A, while it is called in Europe and the UK the QN95A. They are virtually identical panels with only minor differences.

LG OLED series G1

The G1 is the brand-new model from LG’s premium OLED series. It is already one the most popular 120Hz 4K TVs in 2021. This TV-bound gaming feature-rich model is LG’s best and most popular. It also features a beautiful design. This is the LG OLED TV with gaming features.

The G1 was designed to be mounted on a wall. It doesn’t come with feet or stands (even in 2021). These will cost more, but you can still get the best setup if you are willing to spend the extra money.

The big news is that LG’s new Evo panel powers the G1 and provides the highest HDR performance ever from LG. The brand’s 4th Gen Alpha 9 image processing, along with some AI picture enhancement technologies, produce stunning results: amazing pictures, incredible detail, and top-notch movement handling. It supports ALLM (Autolow Latency Mode), VRR, VRR G-Sync and VRR AMD freesync. This G1 has the right gaming credentials.

Gaming-wise, the Game Optimizer interface is the cherry on top. It allows for in-depth tuning and even game genre selection based on game style. A 120Hz 4K TV is a real beast.

LG OLED C1 series

The 120Hz 4K TV that every new-gen gaming enthusiast will want is the C1. The TV’s four HDMI inputs are capable of 4K 120Hz gaming, as well as a dedicated Game Optimizer control centre. This TV will be great for gamers who have multiple new-generation devices to plug into.

This OLED 4K 120Hz TV is a must-see for its exceptional image quality, which is more dependent on AI smarts than any other. It offers stunning native 4K and upscaled HD.

A tweak has been made to motion handling from previous series. TruMotion Smooth is still available if you prefer a smooth interpolated look. But Cinematic Movement does something clever with frame merging so movies always look filmic. It works well. The HDR performance is excellent. The C1 supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, HDR10, HDiG, HLG, and HGiG. HDR10+ is not supported.

You can get the set in many sizes starting at 48 inches (although it does not offer any cost savings over the higher-end 55-inch model). It also features a powerful new processor in the form of LG’s 4th Generation Alpha 9 chipset. AI is also used to enhance audio. AI Sound Pro enhances stereo and5.1 and has a Dolby Atmos encoder. There are many streaming services available and catch-up support is available.

The LG C1 is the best choice if you want a top 120Hz 4K TV this year.

Sony X90J

The X90J is the most significant update to Sony’s mid range 4K HDR range for many years. Brand has been slow to implement the High Frame Rate HDMI functionality that next-generation gamers demand. This is where the X90J comes in.

Two of its four HDMI inputs can support 4K 120fps. This will make it compatible with all new-gen consoles. But, rather adorably, the TV will automatically optimise picture parameters for PlayStation 5 HDR and register whether the PS5 has been playing video content or a gaming game. Neat.

Sony’s Cognitive XR Processor is responsible for exceptional picture clarity. This processor uses a different approach to picture processing than its rivals. It focuses on the natural focal points of an image to reproduce how humans see objects in real-life. AI is used to identify the “focal point” in the screen. The screen is then divided into zones and AI uses that information to focus its image processing on these areas. We are still waiting on a firmware update to enable VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) as a feature-based caveat.

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