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This list includes the 6 best 32- to 39-inch LED/LCD TVs in 2022

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You don’t have to compromise on picture quality or features just because your TV is smaller. We have compiled our top picks from brands such as Samsung, TCL and Vizio, and considered tons more features to help you select the best TV for you.

Sometimes bigger is not always better. Many of the mid-sized TVs featured on this list have all the great features of 65-inch TVs (killer resolution and HDR support, amazing contrast ratios, etc.). They are also a fraction of their price. Many of these sets come with many great extras and features, including digital assistant support (Alexa, Google Assistant or both), streaming platforms and other useful features. To save you from the hassle of sifting through long, dry specs sheets and misleading marketing copy, we’ve collected the best sets between 32 and 39 inches.

Best Overall: TCL32S327 32 Inch 1080p SmartTV

The TCL 32S327 32 inch Roku TV is a small format TV that delivers excellent picture quality and smart functionality. The Roku streaming platform is the basis of this TV, which gives you access to thousands upon thousands of movies and shows with apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Hulu. You can choose from apps, an antenna, cable, satellite box or game console input all from one place. This eliminates the need to switch inputs manually or navigate through multiple menus.

This 32-inch screen offers full 1090p HD resolution, which allows for excellent colour saturation and detail when you watch your favourite movies and shows. Motion blur is minimised at 120Hz so that you don’t miss any detail when watching intense action scenes or sports. For hands-free voice commands, you can connect your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices. There are three HDMI inputs and a USB, RF, and composite video ports that can be connected to all your media devices and gaming consoles.

Toshiba 32-Inch Fire TV 720p 720p at the Best Price

The Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV is a great choice if you have a limited budget. The unit comes with Amazon Fire TV platform as well as Alexa voice control technology. All your favourite movies and shows can be accessed quickly with the remote control or voice commands.

You don’t need to look through menus for Prime Video, Netflix and HBO. The remote includes quick access buttons that allow you to quickly access the Playstation Vue, Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and HBO apps. Your TV will automatically update and use Alexa skills to keep it up-to-date with the latest apps. You can also control your TV from anywhere, using hands-free controls and automatic updates. This screen has 720p HD resolution, which allows for excellent picture, detail and colour saturation, regardless of whether you are watching sports or movies. You can connect your favourite devices and consoles easily with three HDMI inputs, an RF connection, a USB port and a composite video input. Toshiba backs the TV with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects as well as DOA units.

Best Accessibility: Sceptre 32-Inch Android TV

Accessibility options are essential for everyone to be able enjoy family movie nights or binge-watch parties with their friends. Sceptre Android TV has Talk Back, which provides spoken word, vibrations and audio cues for those with disabilities. It also offers tactile feedback and audio to assist those who prefer tactile and audio feedback when viewing menus. The remote also features voice commands from Google Assistant that can be used hands-free to assist those with limited fine motor function.

Chromecast lets you stream music, videos and photos directly from your tablet or smartphone. Share with family and friends. A universal remote is included with the TV. It can be used to connect to other compatible devices. This eliminates the need for multiple remote controls to set up a home theatre system. The TV’s 60 Hz refresh rate and MEMC 120 programming allow for smoother motion, which allows for more detail in action and sports scenes.

The best 4K TV is the Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA Flat 32″ QLED 4K TV

The Samsung 32-inch Q50 TV is a small size television that still offers 4K UHD. The model is built around Samsung’s QLED panel. Quantum Dot technology is used to create over 1 billion colours. It also gives you 100 percent colour volume when viewed from an angle.

You get 4K UHD resolution which gives you four times the detail as a standard HD 1080p HD TV. This makes all your favourite movies and shows really come to life. You will never miss any detail thanks to HDR support. Smart functionality allows you to download and access streaming apps with no additional equipment. You can also use the Bixby voice controls from Samsung to perform searches and browsing hands-free.

Best Vizio: Vizio D40F-G9 40-Inch Smart TV

The Vizio 40F-G9 smart TV, measuring 40 inches, is the best model in small format. The model comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can access your favourite streaming apps. The user interface has been improved to make it easier to launch apps and discover new shows and movies to share with friends and family. Full-array LED panels produce a full HD 1080p resolution and 16.7million colours, resulting in lifelike images and tons of detail.

Dual eight-watt speakers feature DTS Studio Sound programming, which produces crisp, clear audio and an immersive listening experience. It is easy to set up all your devices with two HDMI ports, a USB connection, coax, and component video input. Automatic updates ensure that you have the latest apps and firmware.

You can also check out our other choices for Best VIzio TVs.

Hisense 32H4F 32 inch Roku TV is the best smart TV

The Hisense 32H4F smart TV is a great choice for those who don’t have much space. The Roku platform is built into this model, so that you don’t have to purchase additional equipment or devices in order to access your favourite streaming apps. Roku allows you to transform your smartphone or tablet into an interactive remote control that can be used with voice commands. This makes it easier to search and browse. You can access your game console and over-the-air antenna from one screen.

You can connect your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices to your TV for voice control and smart home network integration. This TV also has a dedicated gaming mode that reduces input lag, and provides fast responses to your controller for the extra edge you need in games. The TV also features DTS TruSurround audio technology, which creates a virtual surround sound experience while watching your favourite movies and shows.

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An overview of 32-39-inch TVs

Smaller TVs make excellent secondary TVs for bedrooms, children’s playrooms and rec rooms. They’re also great for smaller living spaces and apartments. There are many brands and manufacturers that offer small-format TVs with voice controls, streaming capabilities and 4K UHD resolution. TCL and Hisense use Roku to provide access to thousands of music and movie streaming apps. With the Roku app, your smartphone or tablet can be used as a voice-enabled remote to simplify browsing. Insignia, Toshiba and the Amazon FireTV platform have the Alexa virtual assistant integrated. This eliminates the need to purchase third-party smart speakers for voice control. Sceptre, a smaller brand, offers smart features and many accessibility options in its televisions. Sceptre offers a screen reader, vibrations and audio cues that can be used to assist visually impaired or blind users with navigation.

You can choose from affordable 4K TVs or models with excellent 1080p full-HD resolution if screen resolution is important to you. You can choose TVs that have multiple HDMI and USB inputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to wirelessly connect your devices. There is a TV that will fit your space, no matter your requirements. To help you decide which TV is best for your home, we’ll discuss screen resolution, smart features and connectivity options.

Screen Resolution

Customers who aren’t tech-savvy and up-to-date on the latest trends in home entertainment can find screen resolution confusing. Screen resolution simply means how detailed the television’s picture looks. As technology has improved and become more affordable, models with 4K UHD panels are becoming more popular. However, you still have the option of TVs with 1080p and 720p screens. Televisions with 8K screens are now available, though these are very expensive and are not available in smaller sizes. Televisions with 4K resolution have four times as many pixels than a 1080p model. This means that you will get more detail on your TV screen. High dynamic range (HDR)technology is also available on models with 4K screens. This allows your TV to analyse each scene of a movie or show for the best colour, contrast, detail, and other details to provide you with the best picture.

This makes 4K TVs ideal for streaming content. Services like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video offer a variety of UHD content. Your television can also upscale older movies and shows in 4K for a better viewing experience. Customers who don’t stream or watch TV at 1080p, 720p or higher resolutions are better suited for these televisions. You won’t be able to take full advantage of the 4K technology and capabilities of your 4K TV, whether you use cable or satellite.

Streaming and Smart Features

The new standard in home entertainment is streaming your favourite movies and shows. Modern operating systems allow smart TVs to download and preload apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ so that you can stream right from the box. The system makes it possible to stream your favourite apps without the need to purchase additional equipment. TCL and Hisense use Roku to stream media. This companion app allows you to control voice commands and browse movies and other shows on your tablet or smartphone. AndroidTV-based televisions often have voice controls via Google Assistant. You can also mirror your tablet or smartphone screen with Chromecast to share videos with your friends.

Samsung, LG, and Sony all have their own operating systems that, depending on their screen size and price, offer many more smart features than the competition. Samsung TVs come with Bixby, a virtual assistant that works with Alexa or Google Home. You can also control your TV using voice commands, even if there is no smart speaker. A gallery mode on some Samsung models allows you to turn your TV into an art gallery, so that it blends seamlessly into your home decor. LG models feature AI-assisted picture technology which intelligently analyzes both 4K content and 1080p content to provide the best viewing experience. Dolby Atmos audio is used to create 3D audio and virtual surround sound for cinematic sound quality. Sony TVs come with a dedicated picture mode that allows you to watch Netflix movies and shows. The picture mode adjusts colour and contrast automatically to provide the same quality picture as a studio master copy. These picture modes are compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 or Chromecast, so you can mirror both your Android and iOS devices screens.


When shopping for a new television, it is important to think about how the TV connects to your playback devices. Modern game consoles and newer DVD, Blue-Ray, UHD DVD players connect via HDMI cables. You should choose a TV that has multiple HDMI inputs if you are going to use these devices often. Many TVs have at most four HDMI inputs so you can connect multiple DVD players and game consoles. Some TVs can be connected to external storage devices via USB ports. Some TVs don’t support all file types. Make sure to check which files your TV supports before you share photos with friends. Smart TVs will have Wi-Fi built in, which allows you to connect other smart devices such as virtual assistant speakers or smart light bulbs to create a smart home network. Wi-Fi allows your TV’s to connect to the Internet to access a web browser, download firmware upgrades, and all your favourite apps.

Many smart TVs have Bluetooth connectivity to allow customers to set up a home theatre. You can wirelessly connect satellite speakers and soundbars to create a professional-looking audio setup. This is especially useful for apartments and small living spaces where wires can cause trip hazards and clutter. Wireless audio allows you to create custom speaker configurations that maximise the room’s acoustic properties. Wireless headphones can be used to listen privately while listening to your music, movies, TV shows, and other audio. Bluetooth allows you to connect mobile devices and laptops with the TV to mirror your screen.

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