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What is the difference between coliving and traditional rentals?

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You’ve likely spent lots of time researching your options, whether you’re moving for the first or second time in a new place. You’re probably asking yourself: What’s the difference between living , coliving or traditional rentals? Continue reading to find out more.


What’s included: Traditional vs. Coliving

Rent covers only the roof and no other expenses in most traditional apartments. Your rent payment includes everything, from high-speed WiFi and utilities to furniture and household essentials. Find out more about coliving at Common.


How it works: coliving vs. traditional

Multi-bedroom apartments are not designed for easy living with roommates. Many multi-bedroom apartments are actually 1 or 2 bedroom units that have been converted into multiple rooms. This reduces the space available for private use and provides inadequately sized communal spaces.


Common’s coliving houses were created to make it easier and less stressful to live with others. What does this actually mean?


  • Each bedroom can accommodate a full-sized bed and a nightstand. There is ample closet space in all bedrooms.
  • Three people are allowed to share a bathroom.
  • You have enough space in your fridge to store all of your groceries
  • Multiple people can use the kitchen at once because of how it is laid out
  • There are many seating options for living rooms.
  • All of our finishes and appliances are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.



Living at Common helps members save on average $380 a month compared to traditional studios. This includes utilities, WiFi, weekly cleanings and shared supplies. The common members can also save time and money by sharing a fully furnished apartment. You won’t need to spend your Saturday at Ikea or invest in expensive furniture. Members also benefit from our free events in the community that save them money on activities around their city.



Common offers members 6-, 9-, and 12-month leases. You can also transfer within Common homes within your area or across the country. You must sign a 12-month (or longer) lease for most traditional rentals. If you are looking to move to another city, or if you just want to experience life in a different place, it is possible to end your lease and start the apartment search again.



Living at Common provides you with a sense of community, lots of opportunities to meet your neighbours and enjoy the best that your city has to give. Have you ever seen a Broadway musical? Try a new restaurant or try something new. These are all weekend activities at Common and are completely free for members.

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