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What To Put in a COVID Care Package

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The pandemic covid-19 has adequately changed the lifestyle of people in the world. It affects the interaction of people with nature and they are forced to stay at home to stay safe from coronavirus disease. In most of the country, the government tries to restrict the transmission of viruses by the strict policies of social distancing. The best and most useful way to stay safe from covid-19 is care. Now the question is what to put in a COVID care package?

As the virus can transfer from an infected person’s nose or mouth when they cough or sneeze in the form of small liquid particles. When a person is suffering from covid should stay at home in quarantine to recover properly and practice all sops that are directed by the government.

COVID Care Package

Protection-What to Put in a COVID Care Package

Keeping yourself at home may decrease the risk of coronavirus. In addition to this many other sops are explained by the government that you have to follow and protect yourself from the covid. We have listed down some main things that you must have whenever going outside or at home:

Social Distancing

Social distancing is one of the most important steps when we talk about covid care. As when you stay 6 feet away from one person then there is very little chance that you may get the virus. Sometimes people that show no symptoms can transfer the virus. Try to avoid vising gyms, salons, restaurants, bars, and any other crowded place. In social distancing person can do work from home and schools can switch to online classes. You can do your best by playing your role in society and prevent yourself and others from the corona virus.


Try to wear the mask whenever you are outside or in any public place where social distancing is not possible. Mask must cover the nose and mouth properly so that when you sneeze or cough, viral droplets may not spread. Change your mask as soon as possible and throw away used masks otherwise it can be harmful.

Masks can be either homemade or you can buy them from the shops. Masks can b disposable. Masks N-95 is medically proven to be effective against coronavirus.

Hand Wash

Wash your hand often with hand wash for at least twenty seconds especially after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, and if you just come home from a public place. Wet your hands with running and fresh water and put hand wash, and rub the hands and rinse clean water. Hand washing is especially important when you are going to prepare your food, after you visit a public place, meeting any patient, touch animals, and pets.


Use sanitizer if any time you have no water available as it contains alcohol that can prevent you from all types of viruses. With unwashed hands, avoid touching your mouth, face, and eyes. A sanitizer is important when you are thinking about what to put in a covid care package. When hands are dirty and greasy then sanitizers are not so effective. Sanitizers may not remove dangerous chemicals from hands. Apply the sanitizer on the hand and rub the hands. It may minimize the coronavirus effect.

Neat and Clean Surfaces

Clean your highly touch home furniture and surface with disinfectants to prevent viruses as when different hands touch the surface there is more chance of virus. If any person in your home is tested Covid positive then disinfectant spray must be used in the whole house.


Vaccination is compulsory for the protection of coronavirus. Any authorized coronavirus vaccination must be injected into your body.it may reduce the risk of viruses. Once you are completely vaccinated you can do all the work that you cant do during the pandemic.

COVID Care Package

Monitor Your Health

 Keep a check on your health on a daily basis and if you feel any symptoms then straight go to the doctor. If you are going outside like school, college and offices you must check your body temperature daily.

The Care Package

When you care for your loved ones and want to send something for their care against covid then you think what to put in a COVID care package there are some essential things that must be added to a package includes Sanitizers, hand wash, tissues, masks, wipes, disinfectant sprays.


If you are suffering from coronavirus you have to quarantine for at least 14 days. No one is allowed to come and meet you during this time period. Due to this reason you have to take all your essential things with you to the place where you are going to be quarantined. This package may contain a medical-grade masks thermometer, oximeter to check the oxygen level.

Mostly quarantine is compulsory after traveling because your company where you are working usually demands this to stay safe. It may minimize the risk of transferring the virus if it is present in your body as when you are traveling you are at higher risk of the coronavirus. Covid care package must be with you every time in your bag.

PPE-Personal Protective Equipment

When one diagnosis by covid they must wear masks and gloves to keep safe from the virus. Gloves and masks are an essential component of the covid care kit. Healthcare workers are the ones who first check the patients so they must wear everything like double masks and gloves to keep viruses away. Personal protective equipment is compulsory for patients and health care workers.

COVID Care Package

Final Thoughts

Dramatically change in people’s lifestyle due to coronavirus leaves very deep effects on humans as this virus lessen the interaction of human with nature. Some norms and attitudes will remain there for the long term. In this situation, we must follow the sops. Covid care kit must be prepared that includes, wearing of masks, wearing of gloves, use the hand washes and sanitizers for your and your loved one. Stay home, stay safe.

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