YouTube TV Freezing/Buffering (Try this Fix First!)


YouTube TV’s greatest benefit is its ability to eliminate cable and the ridiculously high price tag it comes with.

However, the grass may not always be greener. YouTube TV requires an Internet connection. Everything connected to the internet will eventually have problems.

There are several quick and easy solutions that can be used to fix this issue. These are the steps you can take to get YouTube TV back online.

YouTube TV freeze

YouTube TV will freeze if you power-cycle it. Wait at least 60 seconds before you unplug the TV from the wall. For 30 seconds, hold down the power button and wait. Once the timer is over, turn on your TV again.

Power-cycle your TV or streaming stick

Unplugging your TV’s wall socket plug is a common way to get YouTube TV working again.

Wait at least 60 seconds before you plug it back in.

While your TV is not plugged in, locate and hold for 30 seconds the power button on the TV. You must ensure that you hold the power button on your TV and not your remote.

This will drain any remaining power and allow the TV to soft reset. This is a different method than just turning the remote on/off.

Unplug any streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast from the power supply.

Unplug your streaming stick if it is plugged into the wall. Unplug the USB port from your TV if it is powered by the USB port.

After plugging the TV and streaming stick in, turn the TV on again and YouTube TV should work again.

It’s great! If it’s not, you can try the other fixes below.

Speed and check your Wi-Fi router

YouTube TV can experience problems if its router doesn’t work properly. This could include buffering and freezing.

Check your smartphone and other WiFi-enabled devices. If they don’t connect, your router may not be working properly.

After unplugging your router, wait a while before plugging it back in. Although it may take some time for the router’s reset to complete, YouTube TV should run faster.

If that fails, you can run an internet speed check. YouTube TV freezing can also be caused by a slow internet connection.

Your download speed should be at least 50 Mbs. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. You are not getting fast internet. You should pay at least 200 Mbps for internet speed. WiFi cuts the speed by half, to about 100 Mbps. Using a VPN reduces it by half. On a 200 Mbps plan, you get at least 50 Mbps.
  2. You’re too far from your router and/or your router is not working properly. You’ll experience freezing. A WiFi extender can be a good option if your router is working well. This will allow you to receive a stronger signal to your TV

While you can still follow the steps I recommend for unfreezing YouTube TV, bad internet will always limit your options!

For any internet connectivity issues, please call the customer service number of your internet service provider.

All other WiFi devices should be turned off

smart is now available for almost everything. Your refrigerator? It’s not unusual to have between 30-40 WiFi-connected devices in your home at once.

Each of these devices competes for your limited bandwidth.

This means that streaming apps such as YouTube TV will require less bandwidth from devices equipped with WiFi.

A simple solution is to turn off the devices or switch to airplane mode.

This will allow you to have fewer connected devices and make YouTube TV more accessible.

Long-term, I recommend upgrading your router so that it can handle multiple simultaneous connections.

Reduce the quality of the YouTube TV app’s video

You can lower the quality of your YouTube TV channels if they are not loading correctly or spending too much time buffering.

High resolution videos can be too large for your internet.

YouTube TV can be used to lower the quality of its video:

This should help significantly with freezing and buffering.

Clear cache of YouTube TV app

Cache is basically just a collection of data that is stored on your device to help make some processes run a little bit faster.

The problem is that sometimes cache can actually slow things down because it’s taking up valuable storage!

Clearing your cache is a must, and you should do so regularly.

Install YouTube TV app

If none of these fixes work, you can reinstall the YouTube TV app .

Depending on your device, navigate to the app home screen to find the YouTube TV App. Next, delete the app and wait until it is uninstalled.

After that, you should turn off your device and then on again. Now, go to the app store and download YouTube TV

It’s best to immediately test it by watching some videos. This should have fixed the problem. You can move on to the next steps if the app freezes or buffers constantly.

Factory reset your TV

Okay, now it’s time for a factory reset.

I don’t enjoy doing a factory restore until I have exhausted all possible solutions. A factory restore deletes all of your settings and apps. You’ll need to reinstall them.

Sometimes, however, this is necessary to fix YouTube TV’s problem.

The exact steps to restore your TV’s factory settings to the original model will vary based on your TV, but you should find it in the settings of your TV.

After it has finished restarting, give your TV a few moments to reconnect. Most likely, you’ll have

You will need to sign in and reinstall YouTube TV. But it should work again.

Upgrading the OS of your TV

If your TV’s software is not up-to-date, it can cause a lot of problems. Check for new TV OS updates to fix this problem.

This setting will likely be found in the TV’s settings.

Your TV will automatically update. The process can take some time, but your TV will notify 


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