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Black cardigan with feather, feather mules

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Dresses-Bestsellers from Sleeper

Sleeper is a Ukrainian brand of multifunctional clothing that appeared in the fashion industry in 2014. From the first days, the designers, led by brand founders Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, broadcast the message that clothes are not just about style and appeal. Of course, aesthetics did not disappear from the top design priorities, but practicality and wearability became on par with the elegance and originality of the outfit. Thus, the designers actually opened a new trend, in which women do not have to sacrifice personal comfort to create an irresistible image.

From its founding to the present day, the range of clothing has expanded considerably. Started from the comfortable and stylish black and white pajamas, today, the brands’ collections offer, for example, a feather cardigan (a sweater with feathers,) black shoes with feathers, wonderful dresses of different styles, and much more. Well, let’s take a closer look at the brand’s products.

Welcome to the Sleeper knitted cardigans section

Source: https://www.hurrcollective.com/

Cardigans are that top component of the outfit, which never loses their relevance and are in demand among many fashionable women. A flirty sweater with feathers is one of the bright pieces of evidence of that.

The shortened style of this cardigan allows a woman to declare herself as an open-minded nature who prefers bold style solutions. At the same time, the cardigan’s crew neck creates a balance that eloquently indicates the smoothness, gracefulness, and softness inherent to the lady. And an additional touch of elegance is given by fittings – faux pearl buttons in the front.

The ¾ sleeves are complemented with feather cuffs. The peculiarity of this trim is its optionality. The feathers are detachable, which not only allows you to put completely different messages into the outfits but also greatly simplifies the care of Sleeper knitted cardigans.

Speaking of image ideas, the variety of options is amazing. So, worn in combination with a mini skirt, the cardigan will be a win-win option for a nightclub or a friendly party. And the look composed of a feather-trimmed cardigan and jeans is an original casual solution with an unobtrusive festive note.

Take the feather trim off the black knitted cardigan, and you can combine it with high-waisted pants and a white shirt tucked in. The result is a stylish composed look, adequate for lunch with a business partner or a day at the office with a strict dress code or attending a scientific lecture.

The Sleeper team knows a lot about practicality, don’t they? To prove it, let’s highlight a couple more aspects – the fabric and the size range.

Viscose, which makes up 70% of the outfit, gives a pleasant tactile feel, allows the body to breathe, and does not provoke skin irritations. And 30% of polyester provides a good stretchability to the cardigan.

Speaking of the size range, it is worth mentioning the body-positive trend that the brand has always adhered to. There are models in the XS-XXL sizes in the collections.

If you wonder about the colors available, at the moment the designers offer only black knitted cardigans. Of course, Sleeper does not tend to be monochromatic. The secret is in the popularity of the model. Colored cardigans have literally flown off the shelves. Perhaps the designers will add options to the collection, other than black. In order not to miss the updates, you can check the selection on the brand’s official website, on Instagram, or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest news.

Black knitted cardigan: how to take care of the product

For the outfit to serve you for many seasons, you should follow the simple rules of care, namely:

  • remove the feathers before laundering;
  • wash in a delicate mode and at low temperatures;
  • use detergents for delicate fabrics (without bleach;)
  • do not tumble dry;
  • warm iron only;
  • do not wash and do not iron feather cuffs.

It’s these six keys that will open the door to a truly long life for your black cardigan with feathers.

Black mules with feathers and footwear in other colors

As in the case of clothes, the designers adhere to the principle of practicality when it comes to footwear, combining comfort with uniqueness and elegance. An example of this is black feather mules.

Satin slippers on a low base are decorated with removable feathers. Traditionally for the brand, the feather ornament is optional and this factor makes the slippers flexible. Black mules with feathers can be worn for a house party or a late-night movie date. If you want to detach the feathers and customize the shoes for indoor wear, the designers have made that possible, too.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/913175261914603294/?nic_v3=1a2RqXgqF

Soft, comfortable, and stylish, these slippers are not only available in black. You’ll also find pistachio mules with light feathers and champagne slippers with caramel detailing.

The sizing range varies depending on the colors. The overall size range is 36-41.

Enjoy feather mule and the plethora of options for combining. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, and dresses, and they will make a harmonious team with a sweater with feathers.

The bestselling dresses from Sleeper

The versatility of the brand can be fully realized if you open the section with dresses. A wide range of styles, colors, and trimmings will make your eyes diverge.

Let’s see how designers can surprise the most discerning fashionistas.

Atlanta Dress

This linen outfit has become practically a legend and the absolute pride of every wearer. The characteristic feature is the flying sleeves with ruffles, midi length, and a creased stretch bodice.

The richness of shades is also impressive. The collection offers:

  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Coral
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Lime
  • White
  • Floral prints
  • Blue Vichy
  • Polka-dot outfits.

Depending on the color scheme, you can wear Atlanta to date, to the office, for shopping with girlfriends, and even to a wedding.

French Kiss

This silky ecovero rayon outfit is an anthem of bold romance, an ode to young night strolls and cocktail parties.

A stylish mini-dress is decorated with fixed feathers at the neckline and hemline. Thin straps allow exposing shoulders and neck, which can be accentuated with a neat pendant or a laconic chain.

Loungewear Dress

source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/654218283366514954/?nic_v3=1a2RqXgqF

Creators do not ignore a loose cut, which Loungewear Dress can be proud of. This maxi outfit is characterized by long sleeves with ruffles, an elastic neckline, and convenient button fastening. If you want to expose your shoulders, the cut of the dress makes it easy.

A stylish Loungewear Dress will perfectly complement both high-heeled shoes and feather mules.


This midi dress will fulfill the childhood dream of many fashionistas. Lush sleeves, elegant corset waist, and ruffled neckline will help you create a unique image of a fairy princess or a kind fairy.

This magical splendor is presented in pastel pink.

Sleeper, as you can see, can get your closet ready for any occasion. Evening monochrome dress Atlanta, comfortable slippers for home parties, cozy black knitted feather cardigan for everyday wear – the designers will answer yes to a variety of requests.

Written by Lana Sparrow

Lana Sparrow

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