Fire Stick Keeps Restarting? How to fix the problem


The problem is likely with your Amazon Fire TV Stick if it keeps restarting by itself. This article will help you troubleshoot the issue and get you back streaming.

Why does my Fire Stick keep restarting?

There could be several reasons why your Amazon Fire Stick keeps shutting down and turning on again. Most likely, the problem is with the power supply. It may power cycle (restart) the device without you input if it isn’t receiving constant power.

Hardware or software problems could also be a reason why your Fire Stick is restarting automatically. No matter what the issue may be, these troubleshooting steps should resolve it.

How can I stop my Fire Stick from restarting?

Try these troubleshooting steps until your Fire Stick stops restarting with your input.

  1. You must ensure that you are using the correct powerblock with your Amazon Fire Stick. A Fire Stick stuck in a restart loop can be caused by a lack of the correct power block. Amazon recommends using a 5V, 5W powerblock. It’s best to buy original equipment from the manufacturer if you are using any other equipment.
  2. Then disconnect and reconnect the Amazon Fire Stick. After you have disconnected the device completely from the TV and power source, wait for 20-30 seconds before reconnecting it to see if it fixes the problem. Sometimes unplugging a device connected to your TV or power source can be helpful in releasing or removing any software errors or glitches that may occur.
  3. You should remove any hardware extensions that you might be using. The extension may be causing the problem if you have connected your Fire Stick with a USB extension, or another extension that allows you to place it away from the TV. To see if the problem is solved, connect your Fire Stick to your TV.
  4. Disconnect any other HDMI ports connected to your TV. Your Fire Stick could be impacted by another HDMI device, which can cause it to restart continuously. To resolve the problem, try disconnecting any devices you aren’t currently using.
  5. Replace and check cables. Make sure your power cables and all other cables are not worn or frayed. Replace them if they are. To determine if the problem is there, you can replace cables that appear fine.
  6. Use the remote to restart your Fire Stick. Soft resets are also called “soft resets” and can clear any cached data, glitches, or other issues that could be causing the restart loop. To restart your computer using your remote, hold down the Play and Choose buttons simultaneously.
  7. Make sure your Fire Stick’s TV supports HDCP. Amazon Fire Sticks require HDCP-compatible displays. Although the vast majority of TVs support HDCP, some TVs may not support it. Your Fire Stick could be forced to restart if it isn’t looking for a compatible connection.
  8. Updating your Fire Stick. Your Fire Stick may get stuck in a loop if it has outdated firmware or software. To prevent any potential security issues, keep your Fire Stick up-to-date.
  9. Factory reset of your Amazon Fire Stick. It won’t function correctly if your Fire Stick is damaged for any reason. To get your Fire Stick back to its original specs, you can try a factory reset.
    You will lose all apps downloaded to your Fire Stick. Make sure you have enough time to add them, as well as the usernames and passwords that you need to connect.

Why does my Fire Stick keep blinking on and off?

Your Fire Stick blinking on and off is a sign of a different problem than one that has been stuck in a restart loop. The blinking lights on your Fire Stick could indicate a problem with the video signal, HDMI connection, refresh rate, resolution, or both.

You can fix this by replacing the HDMI cable. Also, make sure that your Fire Stick is connected via the internet.

The blinking lights could be a sign that your Fire Stick has entered setup mode. Once you have completed the setup process, the lights will cease flashing.

How can I stop my fire stick from turning off?

Your Fire Stick can turn off by itself or because it keeps restarting. There are many reasons for this. Troubleshoot to determine why your Fire Stick keeps shutting off .



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