How to fix a PS4 that keeps ejecting discs or beeping


Troubleshooting PS4 performance problems


There are three versions of PlayStation 4. Each version can have disc ejection issues for different reasons. Problems with the eject button on the original PS4 are known to cause disc ejections almost every time. All three consoles have the ability to perform unintentional ejection due disc, software and hardware issues.

If your PS4 keeps ejecting disks, it might simply eject them, beep or display an error message such as this:



The majority of the troubleshooting steps are applicable to all PS4 hardware including the original PlayStation 4, Slim and Pro. Instructions for problems with capacitive switches only apply to the original PlayStation 4.

Why does the PS4 keep ejecting discs?

Your PS4 may keep ejecting discs if it has problems with the eject button or the eject screw. Software issues and disc-related problems are also possible. The problems with the eject button are most common in the original PlayStation 4, but they can also be experienced by the newer PlayStation 4.

  • Disc problems Scratches or foreign material like dirt, food and other debris may cause your disc to be ejected immediately.
  • Software issues: Usually, these problems can be solved by power cycling the PS4 or updating the software.
  • Eject button The capacitive button used by the PS4 to turn on the console by itself, make random beeps, and eject any discs that it fails to work. Most likely, the rubber foot located under the button on the bottom of the console is to blame.
  • Eject screw: This is a screw that can be used to remove discs from malfunctioning systems. However, it can also cause unwelcome ejections.

How to stop a PS4 from ejecting your discs

This troubleshooting guide will help you to resolve problems with your PS4 ejecting discs or beeping.

  1. Check your disc for damage. The PS4 may display an error message if your Blu-ray, DVD or game disc is damaged or scratched. Wipe the disc using a clean cloth.
  2. You might try a different disc. You can try a different game disc, DVD or Blu-ray disc if you find scratches or other imperfections. The PS4 may reject some discs or accept others.
  3. Your PS4 can be power cycled. Power cycling your PS4 can help with most issues.
    To power cycle your PS4:

    1. Turn off your PS4.
    2. Unplug power, HDMI, controller cables.
    3. Hold the PS4 power button down.
    4. Two beeps will sound when you wait.
    5. After five minutes, plug in the power and HDMI cables again.
    6. Turn on the PS4 and insert a disc.
  4. Make sure you have the most recent PS4 software updates. This issue may be caused by a problem with the PS4’s software. If this happens, you will need to update your PS4 system software.
    Check for software updates to your system:

    1. Select Settings from the main menu.
    2. Select System Software update.
    3. Install any updates that are available.
    4. Check your PS4’s ability to eject discs after the update has been completed.
  5. Turn the manual ejector screw. If the system is not working properly, your PS4 comes with a manual ejector screw that can be used to help you eject discs. It can cause the system to eject your game either when you insert it, or when you play it.
  6. The rubber foot that is under the eject disk should be removed. The original PS4, and not the PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro has a capacitive button that allows you to eject the disc. It is located above the rubber feet that support your console. The rubber foot can swell or shift over time until it touches the switch. This causes the PS4’s random eject discs to be ejected.
    This is a permanent and destructive solution.

    1. Unplug your PS4.
    2. Turn your PS4 upside down.
    3. Find the rubber foot underneath the eject button.
    4. Use pliers to grasp the foot.
    5. Be gentle, but don’t pull the foot out.
    6. You can check to make sure the PS4 is still able to eject discs.
    7. If your PS4 is still ejecting discs, you can try removing the entire foot.
  7. Your warranty could be void if you remove the foot. Before you attempt this fix, please contact Sony.

What if your PS4 still ejects discs?

Sony customer support is recommended if your PlayStation 4 keeps ejecting disks despite following these troubleshooting steps. This type of problem is often covered by a warranty, but Sony may still be able to assist you even if the console is not technically covered.


  • How can I get rid of a stuck disc on my PS4?
    Unplug your gaming system and flip it upside down to remove the stuck disc. Next, insert a screwdriver directly above the PS4 logo. Turn it to release the disc.
  • How do I stop my PS4 controller constantly disconnecting from my computer?
    To ensure your PS4 controller is connected , you can try several solutions. First make sure that the battery is charged. Next, connect the USB cable tightly and ensure that the controller is connected to the PS4. It may be necessary to replace the firmware or disconnect the controller from any other devices.



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