KeePass Vs. LastPass Comparison


LastPass and KeePass are highly popular password managers that are highly efficient and secure. Although LastPass and KeePass both keep your login credentials secure, there are some differences in how you set them up and use them.


WE compared LastPass and KeePass using a variety of criteria including pricing, support platforms, encryption standards, ease-of-use, and business features. We provide all the information you need to help you choose the best password management for you.


What does LastPass and KeePass have in common?

KeePass LastPass
Cost $0 User pays $0 to $6 per Month
Number of users Unlimitable From 1 to unlimited
It’s easy to use Difficult Simple
Mobile Apps Supported Android, iOS, Windows (with a plugin) Android, iOS, Windows
Browser Extensions Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera (with plugin). Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Microsoft Edge. Opera


LastPass, an open-source password manager, is a commercial product that stores encrypted passwords online. KeePass is an open-source password manager. KeePass is a password manager that allows you to save your password vault on any device.


Although the basic KeePass software can be quite simple, there are over 100 plugins and extension that allow you to customize KeePass to your needs. KeePass allows you to use plugins or extensions to access password management features such as mobile app support and browser extensions. These features are all part of LastPass software.


KeePass is free to both individuals and businesses. LastPass has a free plan, but you will need to pay a premium subscription if you want to access advanced features like dark web monitoring or shared folders.


It’s easy to use


KeePass can be customized to suit your needs, but the interface is not intuitive. KeePass is popular among developers and technical people, but it has a steep learning curve that makes KeePass an unsuitable choice for those less tech-savvy.


LastPass is well-known for its user-friendliness. LastPass has so many features that you can access all of its power with little technical knowledge.


Pricing and plans

KeePass is available for free to all users. LastPass offers five plans: Premium, Family, Team, Business, Premium and Free. Prices start at $0 per user per month and are billed annually.


LastPass’s free plan has one drawback: it does not support multiple devices. You cannot access your password vault from both your desktop or mobile device. All LastPass paid plans allow multiple device access.


Single users will find the Premium plan at $3 per month ideal. Families plans are only $4 per month and support up to six licenses. Each license also comes with its own password vault. Families plans include a family manager dashboard, unlimited share folders, and unlimited bandwidth.


LastPass Teams is for businesses with 50 employees or less. The Teams plan costs $4 per user per monthly. The Business plan costs $6 per user per month for larger teams. Below is a chart that outlines some key differences between Business and Teams plans.


Support for Platforms and Devices


KeePass was originally designed for Windows. There are now two KeePass editions: 1.x for Windows only, and 2.x for Windows and Linux.


KeePass does not support browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, extensions can help. KeePass supports mobile apps for Android or iOS through plugins.


LastPass supports a variety of operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac OS and Mac OS. It also includes browser extensions such as Chrome Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. LastPass offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.




When choosing a password management system, you need to feel confident that your login information and private records are safe. LastPass and KeePass both use AES256-bit encryption which is widely regarded as the gold standard for data protection.


Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a method that requires users to verify their identity using two or more steps. It provides extra security for LastPass and KeePass users. Both LastPass and KeePass offer solid security solutions.


KeePass and LastPass do not store your account master access codes online for added security. This is an additional security feature that also ensures no one can give you your code if you forget it.


KeePass requires that you protect your password vault using either a master password, a key file or both. You won’t have access to your KeePass vault if you forget your password, or lose your key files. This is why it’s so important that you protect your master login credentials.


LastPass will automatically set up your master password once you sign up. LastPass provides several options to reset your master password if you lose or forget it. These include an SMS recovery account, Android Face ID, Touch ID, Touch ID, or a one time recovery password.


Customer Support


KeePass does not offer any customer support. The KeePass website has a tutorial and a collection of FAQs. However, email, chat, and phone support are not offered. Ask questions to other users through the KeePass community forum at SourceForge. It has more than 7,000 KeePass discussion topics.


LastPass doesn’t offer phone support. This is disappointing for a password management software that offers business solutions. LastPass has an extensive online Help Centre and a community discussion forum for all users. There is also an AI chat feature. LastPass Business plan users receive email ticket support and are assigned a customer service manager. Paid users also get email ticket support.


Bottom line


LastPass was our choice for most users in the contest between KeePass & LastPass. LastPass is an excellent choice for managing and protecting login information for online accounts. LastPass offers a variety of features, affordability plans and ease of use.


KeePass is a strong contender for security. Another benefit is that KeePass can be used at no cost. KeePass has a few drawbacks. It doesn’t have as many features, and it requires advanced technical skills to customize KeePass. KeePass may be the right choice for you if you are technically savvy. LastPass, however, is a better option for most users.


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