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Kuo: iPhone 15 to Switch From Lightning to USB-C in 2023

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Apple will ditch its proprietary Lightning port and transfer to USB-C on all or in all likelihood a few fashions of the iPhone 15 lineup destined to release withinside the 2d 1/2 of of 2023, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated today.

iPhone 15 to Switch From Lightning to USB C in 2023 function sans arrow

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has saved the Lightning port on the ‌iPhone‌, regardless of lots of the enterprise shifting to USB-C. In a tweet today, Kuo stated that the state-of-the-art deliver chain survey suggests that Apple will ditch Lightning in choose of USB-C in 2023. Kuo cited that USB-C could enhance switch speeds on the ‌iPhone‌ and enhance charging speeds.

Kuo had formerly stated that Apple could be sticking with Lightning on the ‌iPhone‌ for the “foreseeable future,” announcing that switching to USB-C could be dangerous to Apple’s MiFi enterprise and has lesser water resistant specification. Now, Apple has reportedly modified its tone. One feasible motive for Apple’s alternate in coronary heart is strain being positioned upon it via way of means of the EU.


  • The EU keeps to transport ahead with passing new law that could pressure Apple to undertake USB-C on all iPhones, iPads, and AirPods offered in Europe. Such law, if passed, could require Apple to both deliver mainly designed USB-C prepared fashions of its merchandise to Europe whilst preserving the relaxation of the arena caught with Lightning or undertake USB-C for all of its merchandise globally.

The EU Wants All Phones to Work With Interoperable Chargers, Here’s What That Means for Apple’s Lightning Port

Most of Apple’s iPad lineup already capabilities USB-C for quicker switch speeds from add-ons together with cameras. For photographers and cinematographers, a demographic Apple has been eager to goal with its high-give up iPhones, the Lightning port represents a bottleneck for moving massive video and image documents. A flow to USB-C could ease that workflow, make it simpler to switch documents and be supported via way of means of a broader atmosphere of USB-C add-ons.

Initial hypothesis changed into that Apple could hold the Lightning port on the ‌iPhone‌ till it is equipped to head totally port-less, depending sincerely on MagSafe to fee and switch documents. ‌MagSafe‌ changed into first brought on the ‌iPhone‌ with the iPhone 12 in 2020, so it is nonetheless a exceedingly new era to the ‌iPhone‌. The strain being positioned via way of means of the EU can also additionally have pressured Apple to rethink its timeline for shifting totally portless, requiring it to conform with feasible upcoming rules and flow the ‌iPhone‌ to USB-C.

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