The 6 Best Bluetooth Beanies of 2022


These stylish winter hats will make your ears hum

Bluetooth beanies include headphones so you don’t have to hunt for them or worry if the hat scratches them. This all-in-one solution is great for snowy regions, since you can just focus on your Bluetooth beanie during winter and not all the accessories.

If specs are not important to you, our experts recommend you purchase the Rotibox bluetooth beanie hat. This beanie is great, with strong connectivity and a range of colors. It all depends on what you value most. Check out the following to see our top picks.

These devices can last between 5 to 12 hours. This is quite impressive. Amazon’s Bluetooth beanie, Blueear, ZecRek, and ZecRek each have enough juice to go through a whole week of listening. This is great for anyone who goes on a full-day ski trip or works outdoors in the winter. Bluetooth connectivity is another important thing to keep in mind. Bluetooth connectivity is an important component of most Bluetooth devices. However, some older models have Bluetooth 4.1 or 2 that are less stable than others.

The RundownBest Overall: Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Cap at AmazonBest Battery Life: ZeRek Bluetooth Beanie – AmazonBest Value: Moretek Wireless Bluetooth Beard Hat at AmazonBest Fit: Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie, AmazonBest

Best Overall: Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie gives you a quick guide for making a solid Bluetooth beanie. This basic acrylic beanie has a soft knit texture and should fit most people. (According to user reviews it is a little large). You will find a pouch that contains a pair of Bluetooth-connected headphones/speakers. These can be placed against your ears using the knit pouches. This design is very similar to the moth Bluetooth beanies. These Bluetooth-connected speakers can connect via Bluetooth 4.1. The range from the beanie to its source device is 33 feet. Although the internal battery does not have the longest life, it can still provide 6 hours worth of music from one charge. It is however comparable to Bluetooth 4.1 speakers.

The USB charge takes around two and a third hours. We would have liked to see a little more. It is possible to have the USB charger charged but not full. This can make it difficult to get your unit working again. Rotibox says that the battery is capable of storing 60 hours of charge. This is great if you plan to use the beanie for an additional pair. This is an excellent place to begin your Bluetooth beanie hunt.

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat Review

Best Runner-Up, Best Battery: Blue Ear Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Blueear BWH10GR beanie is fashionable and trendy, regardless of Bluetooth connectivity. This version comes with a cable knit texture and a heather tan color scheme. It may surprise you to see that it is more fashion-oriented than a music-enabled beanie. The design is completed with a leather-styled, tan-colored patch covering the control remote. This is a great feature that Bluetooth beanies often do not have. The battery life is the real reason this model is on our top 10 list. Bluetooth headphones with a battery life of more than five hours are rare.

This BWH provides up to 10 hours continuous playback and up 130 hours standby with a single charge. These numbers are amazing considering the beanie’s low profile. All the other features are standard. On the outside panel, you can pause/play, volume and volume controls, as well as range controls. Bluetooth 5 has a 33-foot range. You can take the headphones out to wash your hat. This hat is extremely affordable and comes with features starting at $20-25 depending on the style.

Pococina Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Hat. Runner-Up

Pococina Bluetooth beanies are a great entry-level option. The $15 price tag makes this a great gift idea, as it is a niche product. This type of tech product can seem expensive at $40. Bluetooth 4.2 allows the headphones to be connected through the beanie’s Bluetooth connector. While this should work for most applications, it will not provide the same stability as Bluetooth.

Its knit quality is slightly less than other units of higher price. It can play for 6 hours. The marketing materials claim it can last as long as 60 hours. This is about half the time that comparable options offer. These are the corners where you might be willing compromise if you’re trying to save money. Interesting point about the beanie’s look. Pococina chose to make the beanie more comfortable than traditional winter hats, which are tightly rolled. You can also choose from a bright or sparkly-gold option for the pom-pom. This is an unusual option for people who want a unique look. Here, the only thing that really matters is the price.



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