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These are the best apps to make free calls over the internet

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You can make free calls via the internet. Some apps let you call anywhere in the world while others allow you to call only within the USA or Canada.

Two versions of the apps are available:

App to Phone: Make free calls from your mobile phone or computer to any number. Sometimes it can be reversed.
App to: Make free calls between smartphones, tablets, and computers. Calls will only work if both the recipient AND the app are installed.
It doesn’t really matter how it works. These apps are best for the job.

Google Voice

Google Voice is the easiest way to make a call over the internet using your phone. You can make free calls to any number, from one computer to another, or from one phone to another.

Voice can do more than just that. Voice is used primarily to manage your phone numbers. Voice can route Voice calls to any number or voicemail address and intelligently route them towards other phones. You can screen calls and create custom messages.

Additional features include free SMS, conference calls and voicemail.

Voice allows you to only make free calls to US and Canadian numbers. These calls can only be made for a maximum of three hours. This number can be reached repeatedly for free.

Voice works across all devices including the web, iPhone, and iPad.


WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and has hundreds of millions of users. This doesn’t count towards voice minutes.

You will need to confirm your number in order to get started. After you download the app, you will be able to start a new conversation. This will allow you to see other WhatsApp users. It is free to call up to eight people at once, no matter where they are located.

WhatsApp lets you send photos, videos and your location to other users. WhatsApp supports all communication via End-to-end encryption

To make free calls, WhatsApp must be installed. The app is required to make free calls to landlines and phones.

WhatsApp can be used on any mobile device, including Android, iPhone, and iPad.

TextNow, a mobile application, allows you to make and receive free phone calls from other users. Because you have an actual phone number, texting to any number is possible. You can make calls to other users (e.g. You must purchase redeemable credits or earn them to make phone calls to landlines

It’s easy to use. The message center keeps track of all your calls. It is easy to start a conversation by phone and you can also send messages while on the line.

TextNow lets you send text messages, as well as photos and drawings, emoticons, and your location. You can personalise your voicemail greeting and receive email notifications when you receive messages. You can also change the background of the message screen and set different alerts for different contacts. A signature can be added to any message.

TextNow accounts are accessible from any device. You can access all your saved messages and phone numbers immediately.

TextNow does not require a phone number, but only an email address to be set-up. It works with devices such as the iPad, iPod touch, and Kindle.

TextNow is available for Windows and Mac. You can also send and receive text messages from your computer.

The app works with Android, iPhone and iPad as well as Mac.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another Google voice calling app. It can be used for free audio calling and video calling. Google Duo can not send or receive SMS messages.

Google Duo places Google Duo users at the top of your contact lists when you select a contact to reach. To receive free audio or video calls, invite anyone to Google Duo.

This app can also call other Google Duo users. This app cannot be used to call other Google Duo users or house phones.

Textfree is a free application that lets you create your own number and free calls to other apps. You can send text messages and make calls between apps.

Textfree users can only call landlines and phones that are not connected to the app for a short time. To get more minutes, watch videos and take part in free offers.

Your Textfree number becomes inactive after 30 days. If your current number expires, you can obtain a new one.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s messaging service. It can send free text messages and make internet calls (from PC-to-PC, app-toapp and vice versa).

Facebook Messenger makes it possible to make free internet phone calls. Both recipients must be Facebook friends.


Snapchat’s texting and photo capabilities are well-known. With your Snapchat contacts, you can make free audio or video calls.

To open a chat window with your contact, tap the conversation. Next, tap on the chat button to call them instantly over Wi-Fi or through your device’s data network.

  • Snapchat users can only be called. Snapchat users cannot call their home phones or other devices using the app.


    Viber allows unlimited free internet calls between mobile and PCs.

    It scans your contact list to find other users. It makes it simple to find out who you can call for free.

    Any device that has it installed can send video and messages.

    Viber allows users to subscribe to local numbers in other countries. It is possible to receive text messages and calls, but not for free.

    The app works with Windows, Linux and Mac computers, as well as iOS (iPhone, iPad) mobile devices.


    Telegram is very popular as it offers encrypted text messaging and video calling. The app is easy to use and can be accessed from any device, mobile or desktop.

    Telegram allows you to add contacts and then call them via their app. Open the contact’s Info page and then select the phone icon.

    Telegram is available on many devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones and MacOS Windows. It can also be used on the web.


    Skype, a popular messaging platform, allows you to make free calls using your computer or mobile device via the internet.
    It can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. It supports all communication types: PC-to-PC, PC-to PC, PC/App, PC/App, PC/App, PC/App, PC/App, app to iPad, app to app.

    Recipients must have an account in order to create contacts. You can easily set up a Skype Account on Windows or any other platform. You can find a user in the public directory by entering their email address or phone number. You can add the username of the user to your contacts if you have it.

    Skype lets you make video calls as well as send text messages and telephone calls to other Skype users.

    Nokia phones come preinstalled with the app. Skype can be used on Android, iPhones and iPads as well as Kindle Fire HD and Macs.

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