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What Is CRN Number In Mero Share? How To Get a CRN Number?

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You get a CRN Number after beginning a Demat account. The CRN quantity is provided through the bank wherein you have an account. The layout of CRN Number varies from financial institution to bank.

The bank will offer you the CRN quantity without delay after filling out the CRN software shape. A CRN variety is required to be used for stocks within the number one marketplace. With the assistance of CRN, bank account authorization is executed and cash is deducted from your account. The CRN wide variety in MeroShare is used for applying for IPO/FPO/Right Share.
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What Is a CRN Number?

CRN Number or Customer Relationship Number is a unique identifier of the patron furnished with the aid of the bank of Nepal that allows you to be eligible for the IPO. For some banks, the CRN quantity is the same as connected to the bank Demat account of their bank account.

How To Get a CRN Number?

You can get your CRN Number registered online via traveling to your financial institution’s legit website. For Example: If you have an account in NIC Asia Bank you have to visit  https://meroshare.Nicasiabank.Com/capital and fill out the form.


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