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Youtube Comments Not Loading [ 4 Easy Fixes ]

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YouTube comments are not loading? We can help!

YouTube videos are more fun when there are comments. This article will present different solutions.

Table of Contents1. YouTube comments are not loading. Solution: Refresh your website2.1.1 Incognito mode in Chrome 2.1.2 Incognito mode in Safari:2.1.3. Solution 2: Switch Firefox22.1 2. 2. Solution 3: Verify your Internet Connection 2.3.1 Solution 4: Clear Browser cache2.4.1 Clearing chrome cache

Youtube comments not loading

YouTube comment not loading allows for you to view the video, like it and leave comments.

Sometimes, the owner of the video might disable comments for viewers. You can see the comment, but not post it.

Let us discuss the solution.

YouTube Comments not loading issue

We will discuss various solutions. Youtube alternatives are always available.

Website Refreshing

Refresh the website first, then wait. Close the tab, then open it in a new tab.

Even after refreshing the page or opening a link in a new browser tab, the problem may still persist.

The shortcut will open incognito mode:

Incognito Mode in Chrome:

  • Windows and Linux: Use Shift+ n
  • Mac: Shift + to open

Incognito Mode in Safari:

  • Shift + N.

Incognito Mode in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Windows or Linux: Use Shift or Ctrl Shift+ for access to.
  • Mac: Shift + p .

Please try again if Youtube comments do not load in incognito mode. YouTube has experienced many internal problems.

Check YouTube’s Twitter Page to verify the problem. 

In case this fails to solve the problem, restart YouTube and then open YouTube in private mode.

Solution 2 Changing browser

Switch browsers to confirm that the comment is loading. These steps will help you determine if the comment is loading.

1. You can disable the AdBlocker.

AdBlocker can be a great tool that simplifies your life and stops you from being bombarded with annoying ads.

YouTube comments are not loading. AdBlocker blocks YouTube comments

You can disable AdBlock to verify that AdBlock is still working.

We recommend that you disable AdBlocker as it is the only way YouTubers or bloggers can earn. If we receive something in return, we will work harder and produce more content.

2 You can disable other plugins

Sometimes plugin conflicts can cause problems when browsing the internet. Youtube loading problems is just one example. To confirm, you can go back to YouTube.

3 – Verifying Internet Connection

Speedtest.net is the next step to fixing internet problems such as YouTube comments not loading. Learn how to use it.

  1. In your browser, open Speed Testing site
  2. Once you have opened the website, click “Go” to wait for it to complete its test. You will receive the following after passing the test:YouTube comments are not loading – Speedtest

Determine if your internet speed is slow.

If your internet connection is down Turn it on, and wait for it to reconnect


Turn off the router to check internet speed. Contact your internet provider to report the problem.

Youtube comments don’t load despite having strong internet connections.

What’s VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Click to learn more about VPNs.

To view comments, you don’t have to use premium VPNs. Chrome users can get the Chrome VPN plugin free of charge.

All browsers can use the same steps to set up VPN. This is an excellent solution to YouTube comments not loading.

  1. Visit the Chrome extension page VPN. This tutorial will use Hola VPN.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome/Opera”.

    YouTube comments not loading – Installing VPN

  3. Click on “Add extension” to confirm.
  4. The URL displayed in your browser’s toolbar to confirm that the VPN was installed successfully.

    YouTube comments are not loading. Installation confirmation

  5. To unblock Hola VPN, click on the HolaVPN logo

    YouTube comments not loading Connecting VPN

Congratulations! You have connected successfully to the VPN. Now, you can see comments from YouTube.

Click the next button to view comments on YouTube.

Solution 4 – Clearing Browser Cache

Your browsing data are saved to websites’ browsers in a cache. Clear your cache frequently.

These steps will help you clear your browser cache.

Clearing Cache in Chrome:

  1. Three dots appear in the upper right corner of your browser. Click the dots to set the settings.YouTube comments not loading – Clearing cache
    Enter Google Chrome://settings in the URL field, and hit Enter to open the setting.
  2. Scroll down and select Privacy and Security. Click on Clear browsing data.
  3. Please select the timeframe that you are able to complete in the next 24 hours. If the YouTube comment isn’t loading after clearing all data for the past 24 hours, you can follow the steps 1 through 3.

    YouTube comments not loading – Clearing cache

Once you have cleared your data you can view all comments YouTube made in the comment section

You should now have completed all the steps to the top. Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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