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19 best Snapchat filters

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Snapchat filters can be quite fun. We have the best Snapchat filters.

While Instagram’s Story posts are now the most popular social media platform, Snapchat has seen its daily active users increase to 293 million worldwide by June 2021. This is due to Snapchat doing what it does best. It makes you look cool, weird or just a little bit nicer. (We love you just the way that you are.

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You can experiment with Snapchat filters by clicking the links below. Simply open the link from your phone to open Snapchat.

These are the best Snapchat filters available right now

Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen

Tyler Allen allows you to take Anna Wintour’s Vogue magazine and make it yours. This snapshot, regardless of when it was taken, will be your September magazine.

Snapchat Fire Sunglasses

You know those moments when you think “this is fine” but don’t really mean it. But, you did have the time to search for your closest shades. In this current age of chaos, where every day seems to have a new main character, you can wear Snapchat’s Fire Sunglasses to display your complete detachment from all the drama and misfortunes. Snapchat should have s’mores.

Snapchat – Cartoon 3D Style

Cartoon 3D Style is a Snapchat filter that’s very popular. It makes you appear like you just stepped out from a Disney movie. It doesn’t matter if you are a secret princess or a loving goof like Kristoff, it’s fun to imagine how life would be with your favorite Disney characters.

Polaroid Frame by Saman Hasan

You may have different preferences, but simple filters with a touch of elegance can be the best. The “Polaroid Frame” filter by user samanhasan, as seen here, brightened my face and added a lovely flower border. What’s the icing on top? The date of the day is written in a personal font at the bottom.

Snapchat: Lion

Many filters simply overlay their image on top of yours, but Lion by Snapchat gives the snapper some control. My colleague Adam was able to show me that he is half-lion, half-human. This is a very relatable feeling for 2020. Drag the lion filter border to the left or right depending on how animalistic or appropriate you feel.

Snapchat Lips Freckles

Snapchat’s Lips Freckles filter is the perfect way to express your love and affection. It applies a layer with lipstick-print designs to your cheeks and eyes, exactly where freckles might be. These moments should be shared and captured, especially if you are sending good vibes to someone who is unable to attend.

Snapchat: Dancing Turkey

Sometimes you just have to be silly. Snapchat’s Dancing Turkey allows you to rent a Turkey costume, zip it up and fit into it. This filter made me laugh, even though it was a difficult day. I highly recommend it to Snapchat users who are looking for some levity during hard days.

Snapchat Scary Mask

Face masks will likely be around for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean they won’t look great on you. Snapchat’s Scary Mask filter adds a horror twist to the face-mask phenomenon. This is a great option to use when trying to persuade people to wear masks in public. You get extra points for having whiter eyes.

Snapchat – Old

Do you feel like you have aged a lot in the last few months? The Old Snapchat filter is very true to its name. It dyed my brown hair a horrifying silver/grey color, although my darker roots can still be seen. And it left my face swollen and irritated. This is the exact opposite of what facial beautifying filters are supposed to do, but it’s a funny way to express your inner geek.

Luckee Bain Pecan

You can’t get to the tanning salon? User Luckee Bains’s Pecan gives you a strong, but not too dark, tan and then applies a textured filter. Although you can tap to remove grain, I prefer the added graininess. This has a strong summer feeling and is safer than using bronzer.

Snapchat: My Twin

Gender-swaps don’t only work for comic books and rebooted movies. Snapchat’s My Twin filter allowed me to see what it would look like if I had a male twin or was good at drag. The filter also has a blush and wavy look on my hair. It’s a good laugh.

Rainbow glasses by Zara Shapiro

You want to make a bold statement without implying that you have done any illegal acts? Zara Shapiro’s Rainbow Glasses filter puts a pair of crazy shades on your face with multi-colored lenses. This suggests that you are looking for something a little more wild than normal. These would look great paired with a swimsuit if you are able to take your family to the beach.

Snapchat Mustaches

Snapchat’s Mustaches filter can give you that look. This is definitely one of the more silly options on our list of top Snapchat filters. However, it’s still worth a lot of praise.

Snapchat: Neon Horns

The best Snapchat filters reduce most of the image into black and white. However, they add color elements to the top to give it a stronger emphasis. This is what you have here. You can choose from a variety of neon-colored pairs of horns. Because they have an electric touch, I chose Pink. You can also choose from white, lime green and magenta as well as orange and light blue.

Snapchat Anime Style

Anime Style by Snapchat is a new style. It takes inspiration from the oriental animation style. It has a soft shading style that almost looks hand-drawn. You can also try different expressions. They tend to completely transform your anime self. It’s almost like you’ve gone from being a young girl protagonist in Ghibli movies to Eren Jaeger, ready to take down a titan.

Snapchat distortion

Snapchat’s Distortion filter is a popular Snapchat filter that allows users to express how difficult life can be. It literally melted my face against corners of the screen as if it were Slimer from Ghostbusters or just another victim of summer humidity. It has a monochromatic twist that makes it look like Waking Life.

Snapchat Fashion Sunglasses

Although I would love to grow my beard, this filter is great for anyone who wants to show their motorbike gang pride. Snapchat has ZZ Top fans. This filter is for them. You can also see reflections from what appears to be an outdoor restaurant through the lenses of these “fashion glasses.”

Snapchat – Rock Hipster

Although the definition of hipster is different for each person and across generations, this Snapchat filter was a favorite because it featured hexagonal sunglasses and a yellow toque hat with a textured yellow tone. It also has the courage to add the septum piercing. While trendy, it’s still not mainstream. It’s also very attractive to see the shine of the leather jacket.

Snapchat: Bear in Love

Our final look at the top Snapchat filters is Bear in Love. This filter is pure, sweet, and tooth-rotting sweetness. Bright, sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks will be your result. You’ll also feel a huge hug from a giant Teddy Bear who is positioned on your shoulder. What could you want more?

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