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Camilo Madrigal, The Animated Character In Encanto

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Camilo Madrigal is a lively man or woman who performed a supporting role within the Disney feature film Encanto de 2021. Encanto is a lively film about the Madrigal family. They stay in a secluded location among the mountains of Colombia in a city referred to as Encanto. Encanto is a magical location in which every child in the family has a magical gift as a kind of superpower, except for Mirabel, Camilo Madrigal’s cousin.


Camilo Madrigal is a youngster, and like most teenagers, he hasn’t observed his manner yet. He is at the age where he reviews lots and step by step learns from it. He has the mystical capacity to alternate his form.

The actor who voices Camilo Madrigal is named Renzi Feliz. According to him, Camilo Madrigal is a little loopy, dramatic, and fun to work with. That’s why he’s also referred to as the “theatre kid.” He is the type of individual who loves to make absolutely everyone smile and has an amazing time with them. The actor who voices Camilo Madrigal enjoys playing the role of any such fun and likeable man or woman.


Name Camilo Madrigal
Skin colour Golden skin
Hair Colour Black
Eyes colour Brown
Age 15 years old
Birthday December 28
Height 5 feet and 6 inches tall


Camilo Madrigal’s Character

Camilo Madrigal has a heart of gold and a funny persona. He makes human beings snigger with his jokes, and once in a while he likes to prank others, as inside the scene whilst he sang the music “on ne parle pas de Bruno” and whilst he tried to do Antonio. Camilo Madrigal is lively and extroverted, unlike his brother and sister, who’re introverts. Overall, he’s a smart boy who likes to hold songs of things that others frequently don’t know about. For instance, he has made remarks about his circle of relatives being without a domestic after the destruction of Kasita. The benevolent facet of his character is likewise shown within the scene in which he tries to comfort his mother and calls her “mommy.” He also gives her a cup of tea. Like all family contributors, he cares deeply for his cherished ones and for Kasita.

Camilo Madrigal’s powers

Camilo Madrigal can rework into any living character he has ever seen. When he’s taking on the form of some other man or woman, his clothes also trade to suit the alternative man or woman’s apparel. Camilo Madrigal has found out to use his capacity and seems to have emerged as a professional on the transformation. He does not have to alternate the form of his entire body whilst he changes his shape; instead, he can best change certain parts of his frame.

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However, he’s nevertheless a young boy and can not control his superpowers in the face of strain, ache, and surprise. In the scene where he preaches Bruno’s vision, he involuntarily transforms into Bruno and Mirabel, and his face will become wobbly with eyes bulging out, and his eyeballs start to circulate away from each other. When Camilo Madrigal is scared or frightened, his face becomes a child’s face and his hands come to be skinny and brief like an infant’s.

Camilo Madrigal’s skills

His potential to convert is confined to taking the shape of different humans. He can not remodel into gadgets or animals. Transforming into his own family contributors does now not deliver him their magical presents. He can most effectively take their form and now not imitate their magical skills. In the scene in which Camilo Madrigal transforms lower back into his uncle Bruno, he was able to imitate his uncle’s sparkling inexperienced eyes. Bruno’s inexperienced eyes start to glow when he uses his superpower and looks into the future. In this scene, Camilo Madrigal can mimic his uncle’s eyes, however he can’t see into the destiny like his uncle. Likewise, if Camilo Madrigal had been to transform into his cousin Luisa, he could not have her superhuman powers.

The bedroom of Camilo Madrigal

The night the individuals of the Madrigal family received their superpowers, they also acquired their rooms. The rooms are the representatives in their superpowers, so to talk. However, they’re by no means shown within the movie, except in the scene wherein Mirabel attempts to store Kasita and visits the rooms of Bruno, Antonio, and Isabella. Camilo Madrigal’s room is proven in Encanto. But consistent with reader Camilo Madrigal x on tumblr, lovers have many guesses about what Camilo Madrigal’s room might seem like.

A fan of Camilo Madrigal x reader lemon guesses that his room could be complete with mirrors so that he can exercise his shape-moving ability as regularly as he wishes. It might be like an auditorium due to the fact Camilo Madrigal is a theatre character himself.

Camilo Madrigal’s relationship with other characters

Camilo Madrigal has a completely close relationship along with his mom, Pepa Madrigal. He is very affectionate closer to her, in contrast to his father, whom he often teases.

He likes to tease his father considering that it is continually the latter who tries to intrude in his machinations. In the present-giving scene, Antonio also teases his father while he becomes Felix and begins to mimic him.

Dolores Madrigali is six years older than Camilo Madrigal and the 2 are proper phrases. In the scene in which Antonio receives his present, they each appear glad for his younger brother.

Camilo Madrigal could be very close to his more youthful brother Antonio. He cares for his brother, protects him, and by no means makes fun of him like he does every person else. In the scene wherein the residence shakes and the candle is going out, the primary element he thinks about is how his little brother feels.

He is likewise very attentive and loving to his cousin Mirabel, who’s 9 weeks younger than him. Although he teases her occasionally, he additionally cares about her. He is constantly in search of her when she is lacking.

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