Can you Drop in on Alexa without them knowing (Silent Eavesdrop)?


Amazon Alexa’s drop in feature for Alexa-enabled devices was introduced in mid 2017. Many expressed concerns about privacy after its release.

Can you sneak in on Alexa and not be noticed? You can’t quietly eavesdrop on Alexa’s drop-in feature. An Alexa-enabled device emits a distinctive ringing sound and flashes a continuous green-light when someone drops in. This continues for as long as there is a drop in. Both can’t be turned off.

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1 What’s Alexa’s drop-in feature?

2 What happens when you drop in?

3 How do I disable drop in

There are 4 ways to call or drop in on Alexa

5 Conclusion

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What is Alexa’s drop-in feature?

The drop-in feature acts as an intercom that allows you to instantly connect with any Alexa-enabled device.

If you have permission, you can even visit another Alexa-enabled device.

Click the “Communicate tab” at the bottom of the Alexa app and then click “Drop In” at the top. An Alexa-enabled device list will appear.

Click on the device that you wish to drop in and it will begin “listening”. You’ll be able hear everything from your end, either through your phone or an Alexa-enabled device.

The person on the other side will be able to communicate with you by using the Alexa-enabled device dropped in.

For example, if you are upstairs working and hear noises coming from your son’s bedroom (which has an Echo Dot), your phone can be used to call him and request him to calm down.

You might want to check in on your mom as she gets older. An Echo Show could be set up in your mom’s living room. You can also give her permission to check in.

Drop in is a powerful feature that can be used for many purposes, especially as you add more Alexa-enabled devices into your home.

What happens when you come in to drop by?

When you drop in, the first thing you hear is a clicking sound. This alerts everyone around that you have dropped in.

This sound lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds in most cases. This ring can be lowered by adjusting the volume, but it cannot be completely shut off.

Next, the Alexa-enabled device will start to flash green.

If it is the Echo Dot, the device’s green glow will continue to glow while you are actively dropping in.

If the Echo Show is the case, the light will pulse in straight lines and you’ll get the video component.

At the end of the drop-in, the device that you dropped in will make one last chime to indicate to the person dropping in that the “call” is over.

It is impossible to disable the drop in sounds or green light notifications.

How to disable drop in

The good thing is that all Amazon Alexa enabled devices include the drop in feature disabled.

To enable drop-in on any of your devices, you will need to perform several manual steps within the Alexa app.

Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, disable/enable drop in”. This will instantly disable drop-in for all your Amazon enabled devices.

These steps will help you confirm that Alexa’s drop-in feature has been disabled or to turn it off after it’s been activated:

  1. Open Alexa and click “Devices” at bottom
  2. Next, choose “Echo and Alexa”.
  3. To see a list of all Alexa enabled devices, click on the one that interests you and then drop it in
  4. Scroll down and click “Communications”
  5. Then select “Drop In”. You can then click “Drop In”

Your devices should have the drop-in feature disabled. If you want to verify, you can use the steps below for each of your Alexa-enabled devices.

You can also turn off “do not disturb” mode to make sure that no one comes knocking on your door. This will effectively muffle any drop-in.

Do not disturb mode can be used to prevent anyone from dropping by. It will also block any incoming calls and notifications.

It can be enabled by saying “Alexa, don’t disturb me”. This can be turned off by saying “Alexa, do not disturb me”.

There are many ways to call Alexa and drop by.

You can also use Alexa’s drop-in feature to “call” Alexa-enabled devices in a variety of other ways.

First, you can actually make a call using the native calling options included with your device. This means that you can call a number using your Alexa-enabled phone and vice versa.

This allows for hands-free communication.

You will need to grant Alexa access to your contacts in order to use this functionality. Once that’s done, you can say “Alexa call Home” or “Alexa call [name]”, and your Alexa device will place the call.

This will require you to have your smartphone nearby.

You can also place calls with Alexa by enabling Skype.

You will need to create a Skype account first.

Once you have these in place, you can then go into Alexa and go to “More”, “Settings”, and “Communicate” to link your Skype account.

Simply say “Alexa, Skype [n]” to make a Skype phone call.

This video will explain how each of these methods works in greater detail.


Drop in function on Amazon Alexa is more like an intercom system. You can use your Alexa-enabled phone to “drop in”, on another Alexa enabled device.

After dropping in the device, it will ring briefly. The device will show a green light for as long as it is dropped in.

The device dropped in will emit a final chime when the drop-in is complete.

Can you just drop by Alexa and not be noticed?

Any sounds or lights that alert anyone about a drop-in have to be heard.

Drop in is disabled by default and must be activated by the owner to make it work.

Users can also use the drop-in feature to place calls or enable Skype on Alexa enabled devices.



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