How to fix it if your PS5 won’t turn on


This article will show you how to fix your PlayStation 5 if it won’t turn off. These instructions are applicable to both the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and Digital Editions.

Causes of a PS5 not turning on

There is a glitch in the PS5 that prevents it from starting up again after it has entered Rest Mode. This problem can be fixed by holding down the power button for fifteen seconds. These are other reasons your PS5 might not start:

  • Power supply problems
  • PS5 software problems
  • The console’s interior is filthy
  • Issues with the internal hardware of your console

It’s possible that your PS5 is not able to boot into Safe Mode. If your console is not responding at all, it could be a hardware issue.

How to fix it if your PS5 won’t turn on

These steps will ensure that your PS5 is functioning as usual.

  1. Manually restart the PS5. Hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds if your console does not turn on after entering Rest Mode. You’ll receive a warning message and the console will restart.
    It’s best not to enable Rest Mode on the PS5 until Sony releases a fix for this bug.
  2. Insert a game disc. If your Standard Edition PS5 has a disc drive that is not full, you can gently insert a game disc. Your console might start normal if it automatically inserts the disc.
  3. Unplug your power supply. For 30 seconds, disconnect the power supply and power outlet from the PS5. Connect the power supply and then turn on the console.
  4. Your PS5 should be power cycled. If your console won’t turn on, but it turns on, hold down the power button and wait until the LED light blinks off. Allow the console to cool for 20 minutes before reconnecting it.
  5. You can use a different power cord. The standard IEC C7 power cord used by the PS5 is the same as the PS4’s and PS3’s. Switching out power cords on older consoles can resolve the problem. If you need a replacement cable, an electronics store can help you.
  6. Switch to a different outlet. You could have a problem with the power strip, surge protector, or wall socket. Try plugging in your PS5 elsewhere if other devices are unable to draw power from the same outlet.
  7. Use Safe Mode to reboot your PlayStation 5. Turn the console off if it is able to power on. Then, hold the power button down until you hear the second beep. To enter Safe Mode, press the PS button again. To reboot the console, you can press the PS buttons on the controller.
  8. Manually updating the PS5 software. You can get the most recent version of the software from the USB drive. Then, you can install it manually.
  9. Reset your PS5 in Safe Mode. This will reset your console to factory settings, and delete all game save data.
  10. Clean your PS5. You can dust the console, which can cause malfunctions such as overheating and hardware malfunctions. Use compressed air to clean your PS5. Although the PS5 casing can be opened easily, you should take extra care when cleaning small internal parts.
  11. Have your PS5 repaired/replaced by Sony. To see if your PS5 is eligible for a repair or replacement, visit Sony’s PlayStation Fix and Replace webpage.



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