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Proctorio used DMCA to take down a student’s critical tweets (TechCrunch)

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A collection of tweets by way of one Miami University scholar that had been essential to a Proctorio software program enterprise had been hidden via Twitter after the organisation filed a copyright takedown notice.

Erik Johnson, a student who works as a protection researcher at Aspect, published a lengthy tweet thread in early September about Proctorio, an Arizona-based total software employer that several U.S. Colleges — inclusive of his very own — use to reveal students who are taking their assessments remotely.

But six weeks later, Johnson received an email from Twitter saying 3 of those tweets were removed from his account in response to a request by Proctorioo filed underneath the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Proctorio software isn’t new, however its utilisation has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. More college students than ever are having to take tests and assessments from home, and colleges and universities are counting on Proctorio software to administer the tests. Students need to install their college’s choice of Proctorio software, which gives the examination administrator deep right of entry to the student’s pc, regularly together with their webcams and microphones, to monitor their interest to identify potential cheating.

But students say that Proctorio software programs are fraught with troubles. Vice pronounced that scholars had complained that the Proctorio software program they had to use couldn’t apprehend darker pores and skin tones, and others say the software program requires excessive-pace internet, which many low-profits houses don’t have.

Falling foul of any of those exams, whether known to the scholar or in any other case, ought to result in failing the check altogether.

Thousands of students at faculties in Washington and Florida have already petitioned their faculties to prevent the usage of Proctorio software programs — such as Proctorio — citing privacy and safety risks.

Proctorio, based totally in Scottsdale, Arizona, says its Proctorio software is privacy friendly. Students are required to install its Chrome extension earlier than taking a look at, which the agency says students can eliminate when they’re accomplished.

Unlike computer software programs, most Chrome extensions may be without difficulty downloaded and their supply code regarded and examined. Johnson did this and tweeted his findings. Three of those tweets described beneath what situations Proctorio might “terminate” a pupil’s exam if it detected signs and symptoms of potential cheating — such as if a scholar switched networks or if weird clicking and eye moves had been detected. The tweets also protected a link to snippets of code found in Proctorio’s Chrome extension, which Johnson posted to code-sharing website online Pastebin.

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