Robinhood Error: Active Account Already Exists. Why is this a problem?


Robinhood error: Robinhood account is currently active. You are being redirected here because you want to solve a problem with your account.

ROBINHOOD is currently visiting the USA to investigate the above-mentioned matter. It’s well worth your time to read the whole article.

Why am I getting the Robinhood error? An active account exists.

ROBINHOOD came under scrutiny after it announced that the share buyback program had been stopped. A solution was also found by the company, which limits the number of items that users can buy.

What is the problem?

Users panicked after the trading app refused to accept GameStop shares and AMC shares. The app’s users vent their frustration by posting negative reviews and decreasing its overall star rating.

The company has limited the number of shares available on the portal to avoid any negative reviews. This section contains information on Robinhood Error Active accounts.


ROBINHOOD stopped the buyback of shares by decreasing its stockholding. As it is being checked, the error flashes on the screen.

Google monitors comments to determine if any user comments have been removed. Google and its customers could sue ROBINHOOD if comments are deleted.

Final thoughts

Stock trading apps will display an “active account at Robinhood error now exists” message for a while. ROBINHOOD was affected by this error and could not purchase shares.

The company has already listened to users’ feedback. Much negative feedback has been left about the app. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments.


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