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Television Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (Don’t panic, it is possible to fix)

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Unexpectedly, your smart television will stop connecting with your WiFi network.

What should you do if your TV doesn’t connect to WiFi?

No matter what model your smart TV is, there are simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

  1. Unplug the router/modem for at most a minute.
  2. Connect the router/modem to the power source.
  3. Allow the modem/router to connect to the internet for a few minutes.
  4. Reconnect your smart TV.

A simple unplug of the router/modem will usually solve the problem. If you still have trouble, the following suggestions may help:


Check to make sure your Modem/Router is not the problem

Connecting other wireless devices is the best way to determine if your router/modem is the cause.

You should choose a device that is at least a quarter of a meter from your router and in the same space as your smart TV.

Your smart TV is most likely the problem if the device, such as your smartphone or laptop, connects seamlessly with your modem/router.

If other devices are unable to connect to the WiFi, it is best to get your modem/router repaired or to contact your modem/router maker for assistance.

If you have other devices that are working well and connected to your WiFi network, disconnect one device and reconnect the other.


Does the WiFi network and password that you use work for your device, but not your smart television?

If so, your TV is the culprit.

Router/Modem hard reset

You must ensure that your modem and router are properly installed.


If you don’t know how to connect such devices, consult the manual for your router and modem or call your manufacturer.

It is possible to search Google for the model and reset/connect it.

You will usually find a button that you need to press with a safety pin or paper clip. This resets the router/modem back to its original settings.

Remember that you will need to reset your WiFi and connect all devices to your home if this happens.


Smart TVs don’t support dial-up and VPNs.

VPNs, and other networks like PPPoE connections, are not available to smart TVs. If you want to connect to one of these networks, consider another option.

You have many options to use a VPN, but this is something I recommend if you are a bit more technical.

Smart TVs do not support dial-up connections or proxy services.

Yes, they still exist! It is amazing to think that dial-up internet is still used by some people in 21st century.

Although I know that these people don’t have smart TVs, I digress…

2.4GHz vs 5GHz

Check your TV manual to verify that your modem supports 5GHz.

Sometimes, your smart TV may not be able connect to the 5GHz band. However, it will still connect to the 2.4GHz band in most cases.

Give the 2.4GHz band a shot and see if it helps.

Speed and loading times shouldn’t be an issue with this band, unless there are a lot of devices connected to the network at 2.4GHz.

Maximum number of router connections

You should not have more than one connection to your modem.


Most routers can handle 250 connected devices simultaneously, but you might have an older router with a limi.

It’s not a common problem, but we are trying to find solutions.

Specific instructions for brands

If you have made it this far and still aren’t having any luck, you might be interested in one of these smart TV brands.


These smart TV instructions will help you re-establish your WiFi connection.

Samsung TV does not connect to WiFi

Make sure your TV is connected to the router/modem by checking its network.

Follow these steps to do so:


  1. Hit the Home button on your remote and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Network Setup
  3. To confirm your network’s status, select View Network Status. Enter.
  4. Verify that your connection has been set to Wireless, and not Wired. Change the Wired setting to Wireless.

How to connect your TV to the internet:

  • Navigate to Settings and select Network Set.
    • Select Set up network selection
    • Select custom
    • Change the setting to Wireless
    • Verify that Internet Access is OK, and that your Wireless device is OK.
    • You must verify the SSID for your network. The name displayed must match the name of your router network provider.
    • Finally, make sure to check your signal strength. Your television might not be able to pick up sufficient strength if the router/modem is too far away. If the strength is negative (-),


If none of these steps work, you can connect your TV and router via a direct wire LAN cable.

Android TV does not connect to WiFi

Date and time

  1. Navigate to the top-right corner of your screen and select TV Settings.
  2. You can change the date and time by selecting ‘Preferences’
  3. Choose ‘Automatic Date & Time.
  4. Select “Auto Synchronization.”

Use the forget network option

  1. Open your network by going to TV Settings.
  2. Open your WiFi.
  3. Scroll down until you forget the network. Click. Scroll down to forget the network and click.
  4. After clicking OK, you will be asked for your password.
  5. Enter the password to reconnect the TV with the WiFi.

Reset your TV’s factory settings

Scroll to Settings, then select Storage and Reset. Click OK and then click Factory Data Reset. This will erase all data, including any existing WiFi connections and synced email addresses. You can also check your router and turn it off for 60 seconds before turning it back on.

An incorrect password could also cause your android TV to stop working. You can verify that all inputs are correct by going through them. If your TV is still not connected to your WiFi, contact the manufacturer of your TV or the retailer where you purchased it. You can also reach out to the manufacturer of your WiFi device.

Sony TV does not connect to WiFi

There are steps to fix a Sony TV that isn’t connecting with your WiFi, even if the router is turned on.


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