How to Obtain and Use the Warcraft ‘Night Warrior’ Night Elf Appearance


Today was the Tides of Vengeance content upgrade for World of Warcraft, also known as patch 8.1. Night Elf characters will be able to enjoy the Night Warrior appearance.

Completing the pre-war front quest line for the new Warfront, Battle for Darkshore, will unlock the appearance. Any level 120 Alliance player can immediately pick up the first breadcrumb task upon log in. A spectral Owl will be at your side in Port of Boralus and send you to Stormwind.

The quest line is not spoiler-free. I will say this: It includes major changes for several familiar Elf heroes, minor and major, as well as one exceptional cut scene that shows a different side to some familiar characters. It takes approximately half an hour to listen to all of the dialogue.

Upon completion of the quest, you will be able to access the Night Warrior customization. This customization is available for all Night Elf characters up to level 120. The appearance can be unlocked once per account.

Visit any barbershop to change your skin color and get the Night Warrior look. You can choose to have dark blue/black eyes like the Night Warrior or a glowing white-blue.



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