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The 10 social Media trending topics for 2021

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The digital marketing industry has become very dependent on social media. It is hard to imagine a marketing strategy that does not use social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …) However, in order to use social networks effectively and to develop solid strategies, it is important to determine the factors that will shape these platforms during the year 2020, namely trends in social networks.


We invite you to explore this article to learn what are the new social media trendings and what mistakes digital marketing companies usually make when implementing strategies in them.

Social media mistakes companies make

The following are some of the most common mistakes companies make on social media:


Formal language should be used

Formal language isolates you from your audience. In addition to many other things, social networks keep you in touch with your audience. Therefore, formal language is counterproductive. There are other platforms such as email that can be used for this. Invest in a close and friendly language!

A profile that is not optimized

Profiles must be neat and well optimized. The portfolio is your showcase, the way your target audience gets to know you. Many companies do not care about the quality of their profile photos, cover photos, or the content they share… In addition, keep in mind that many people are using social networks to consult all the institutional information of a company, so be careful so as not to give a bad impression.


It’s free when you think it’s free

Many companies believe that social networks are free. This is just a common misconception. The only thing that is free on social networks is registering. It costs money to run an advertisement or promote a product, as any professional who implements social media trending topics 2021.


Absence of a plan

Not having a strategy for promoting your brand, services, products, etc., on social media. Without a plan, nothing will work out. Why are you on social media trending topics? What image would you like to convey? How do you plan to achieve your goals? Put all those questions in your plan and figure out a good time.


Just focus on the sale

Focus on more than just selling your products or services.Your followers can get tired if in your social networks you only focus on the sale. Try to combine the sale with content of interest to them, with publications about your company philosophy, showing the day-to-day life of the workers.


Main social media trending topics for   2021

Main social media trending topics for   2021

In this section we invite you to discover everything about the trends in social networks for the year 2021:


Social Selling

Social Selling has grown in popularity in recent years, promoting electronic commerce through social networks.This undoubtedly marks the future and trends of social media as it helps social network users not have to leave a platform to make a purchase. And not only this. From 2020 we will be able to see how different social networks launch new electronic commerce functions so that companies can sell their products, as for example Instagram Shopping did .


Audiovisual content

Audiovisual content will continue to top the list of main trends in social trending topics 2021

. Some experts already predict that about 80% of the content we consume will be video in the coming years.One of the main reasons why video is one of the hottest trends is that audiovisual content is more appealing, and also because it is so easy to do nowadays to do with smartphones of medium and high quality.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is positioned as another of the main social media trending topics 2021. How will artificial intelligence be introduced in social media ? The chatbots offer a more personalized experience and are automated at the same time for the audience, helping to bring potential customers and company. The development of Artificial Intelligence will allow companies to attend immediately and simultaneously to all users who wish to contact the company, thus improving customer service and the image of the company.

 influencers and virtual influencers

In 2021, two important figures in the world of social media trending topics are expected to occupy an important place: micro influencers and virtual influencers.

Virtual influencers are humanoids who are succeeding on social media. A clear example is Lil Miquela, a virtual influencer who has already been trusted by major brands in the world of fashion. These influencers, being not human, do not make mistakes or get carried away by emotions, which is why brands trust them so much.

On the other hand, micro influencers will unseat macro influencers. It costs a lot to attribute results to influencers, so it is increasingly difficult to justify large investments in influencers with thousands and millions of followers. Now micro influencers with great interactions are a good solution to obtain results at low cost.

Instant messaging advertising

Advertising in instant messaging is positioned as a relevant trend during 2021. Even the most popular social apps such as WhatsApp do not stop studying how to incorporate advertising on these platforms to continue maintaining the privacy of users.

There is no doubt that advertising on this type of platform, as long as it is well orchestrated, is a great opportunity for companies by social media trendi, who can take advantage of it to maintain direct contact with their potential target and also promote products and services of interest to them.

Interactions above all

Content will cease to be the most important thing in 2021. Interactions will become more important, above all else. This is what is beginning to happen on Facebook, although this trend will not remain only in this social network, little by little it will spread to many others, who will give more priority to content that encourages interaction. 

Virtual reality

In 2021 virtual reality will finally take off on social media trending topics . The social network Facebook has announced that next year it will launch Horizon, a virtual universe in which different users will be able to perform multiple actions using their virtual reality glasses

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